Saturday, 29 October 2016

Weekly Update and First Episode of Canada's Worst Driver 12

I'm back after a bit of a lull in blogging. The week before I came down with a terrible cold. The kind where you just continually blow your nose over and over until it is raw.Yuck! and I was so tired, too. So not a lot got done - I just rested.

Then late last week we received the sad news that my sister in law had very suddenly passed away due to an accident at home. I am still shocked as I just saw her at Thanksgiving. She was a strong and spirited woman who loved animals and helping those with disabilities. We are all missing her terribly and I think it will take a while for what happened to really sink in. If I can take anything from it, its to enjoy the moment, as each day is a gift. You just never know how long you have, and to appreciate all the wonderful people in your life.

On a happier note, this week, the first episode of Canada's Worst Driver aired. I was so nervous because I thought I would look really weepy, and stupid, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I remember. Its funny how in one's mind thing appear so much bigger than from the outside. I remember being really teary during the drive around my hometown and cried a lot after the assessment challenge, but they didn't show much of it, thankfully. Below are some photos from the first episode and a video of me talking in more detail about the first episode. I also received a package from the show, which you can see me unbox.

Filming across from Niagara Falls  

Cat (my lucky stuffy) and I waiting to during a dinner break

Chantal and I hanging out between challenges

Waiting for the day to start 

                                                  My take on the first episode is above.

                                                   Unboxing a package from Worst Driver.

Thanks to everyone for their condolences during this difficult time, and to everyone who has been so encouraging and suppportive during my driving journey. It means a lot that so many people have reached out, I appreciate it so much.

Next week is episode 2, and I'll do another update video and blog update.

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