Friday, 11 November 2016

Canada's Worst Driver Episode 3 - Behind the Scenes

This week episode three aired featuring the Arches challenge, the Figure 8 Reversing Challenge and the dreaded Water Tank challenge. They also showed the Name the Road Signs test. 

The Arches Challenge I went into expecting not to get, as the arches are so narrow there are cut outs for the mirrors. I was still proud of myself for getting at least two out of the five and for not panicking even when I got it wrong, I just kept going. Before the challenge we each had a lesson with Phillipe about looking where you want to go. He taught me to look at the open space instead of the barriers. He's a really good teacher and helps to bring out confidence in you. 

After they showed the Figure 8 reversing challenge where we all piled into a van and reversed on a figure 8 course, of tire rims. I was a little miffed that they just showed the first part where I was timid and hit several things, but as i got on, I went faster and hit a lot less. They also didn't show that during the Sign test, I got 7 out of 10 right, the most of anyone. 

The water tank challenge was definetly the least dignified of all the challenges. I really enjoyed watching Daniella - she was very smart leaning forward so the water didn't get in her face. I got drenched right away and the water was so cold I started to hyperventalate. Then the water got in my eyes and dried out my contacts which made it hard to see - not a good combo. I felt so bad for my partner Derek. Hew is so lovely and patient! I was trying so heard not to drench him, but it still happened. The car to be fair is quite lurchy. 

Below are some photos and a video of my take on the episode. Let me know what you think.

Steven, Akash and me

Getting ready for the Figure 8 Reversing Challenge
Daniella shows off her latest part of the Mustang

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