Sunday, 6 November 2016

Weekly Astrology Forecast Nov.06 - 13 Intensity Gives Way to Optimism

This week we have a quarter moon on Monday Nov.06. Quarter moons are a time of inner conflict and motivation. The intentions we set at the new moon are being tested, to see if we will follow through and take actions on our goals.

Sun in Scorpio - The Magician, from the Symbolon

Monday Nov.07 2016 - Quarter Moon in Aquarius 
Quarter moons occur when the Moon is squared to the Sun. The Sun is in Scorpio, a sign of emotional intensity, and has many focused on power and/or spiritual growth. Some will focus on the positive while others will be focused on personal gain and advancement. Issues of karma, and subconscious fears may come to our conscious awareness at this time. We will be challenged on an internal level to examine how our desire for spiritual growth can help others and be beneficial to the world and humanity at large. If we are in a position of power how will we use this for the greater good, or will we be self serving? These issues come to a head today, not surprisingly the day before the US election. How those in power will affect the masses, is very much the question for those voting on Tuesday.

Monday Nov.07, 2106 - Sun in Scorpio Sextile Pluto in Capricorn
This aspect makes those in power more attractive, and intensifies the opportunity to change the structure of governments and how things are organized. This could make for an intense day in the US, the last day of the election campaign. On a personal level, if you want to revamp your daily routine or impress your boss, this is a good day to do it.

Wednesday Nov.09, 2016 - Mars moves into Aquarius
 Mars moves into altruistic and imaginative Aquarius today. We are driven to do things differently, to try new and unusual things. We are motivated to express our uniqueness, to be inventive, and approach problems in a different way then before. this is a good time for those interested in the sciences and technology to work on long term projects. If you are thinking of getting a new computer, or other technological items, now is the time to do it. People will also be more motivated to do things that benefit humanity as a whole, and community activism will be quite strong at this time.

Friday Nov.11, 2016 - Venus moves into Capricorn
Venus moves into hard working Capricorn on Friday. This is a time to get serious about our finances and business. If you have a creative and artistic idea, it's time to bring it into form, as this is a hard working sign. We will want to work now and play later. So use this energy over the next month to get some art or writing, etc done! In romance people will use their heads to make decisions, rather than their hearts.

Saturday Nov.12, 2016 - Mercury moves into Sagittarius
Mercury changes signs on Saturday, to go into fun loving Sagittarius. We will be interested in learning a wide variety of subjects, but lack precision and focus. We will also be more optimistic in our communications, and share more laughter and fun. Our faith in humanity and the goodness of the world increases and we are better able to persuade others. Its a good time to plan and adventure or travel abroad.

Below is my weekly video with a reading for each sign for the week. This month I'm using the Byzantine Tarot by John Matthews for my readings.

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