Saturday, 27 May 2017

Weekly update - Staycation Success

This past week I had time off from work, and decided to not only take a break from my day job, but also from my biz as well. You may of noticed the lack of Instagram daily draws, and blog and video posts over the past week. I was initially planning on recording a bunch of videos and making blog posts, but I found that I was really craving some down time. We cant be all go, go, go all the time. We often perceive that we should be producing all the time, but as human beings we all need time to just relax and do nothing.

Buddy and I at the farm
 I was especially craving this down time, as last year my holidays were all spent traveling. Not that I'm complaining, because it was amazing. I got to be a part of Canada's Worst Driver last year and spend time in the beautiful Niagara region in southern Ontario. I also went to Vancouver Island last fall, to hang out with my bestie. This year I was really craving a staycation. Time to stay home and do nothing. Unfortunately when I took a week off in February, I got sick. I was so disappointed. I really wanted time to do whatever I wanted and ended up laying on the couch like a phlegmy, limp noodle. This week I was determined to enjoy myself, and be well above all, and I'm happy to report that I succeeded!

So what did I do with my week off? I wanted to do mostly nothing, (ie. reading and catching up on Youtube videos) but I did squeeze in a few activities. Last weekend was the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada, and my BF and I took the kids out to the family farm for a day in the country. It was nice to get out into the country and get some fresh air, well a lot of fresh air, as it was pretty windy. I met an old friend for lunch at a local bookstore (and restaurant) called McNally's and ended up picking up a couple of amazing books for my week off. I checked out a Picasso exhibit at the WAG (Winnipeg Art Gallery) and I also had a massage, went out for dinner, and did a lot of reading and drawing and looking at Tumblr. So I think it was pretty successful staycation. 

I'm ready to get back at things for the coming week, and have blog and video posts planned. What do you like to do when you're on vacation? Do you prefer traveling or staying home? Let me know what you do to relax and recharge.

Monday, 22 May 2017

New Moon in Gemini - Love and Power Create Change

On Thursday May 25 at 2:44pm CDT the New Moon occurs at 4 degrees Gemini. New moons are always a time of new beginnings and a time when we can set our intentions for the coming lunar month. Take a look at which house 4 degrees Gemini falls in your chart to see in what area of your life to focus your intentions. For myself, this is in my eight house, the house of sex, death and magic, so for me setting intentions to work with the mysteries of life is important at this time. I'm going to be looking for ways to form deeper connections with my magical practice and sexuality, and to revamp my spiritual routines for the lunar month.

Even if you don't know your birth chart, Gemini is traditionally associated with the third house, the house of travel and communication. Gemini is a chatty, clever and optimistic sign, and we can use this happy light energy to make intentions for any travel, communication, writing or studying goals we may have. It is a good idea to write these goals down, particularly this new moon as Gemini is an air sign and has a very strong association with writing.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is "Holly and Mistletoe Bring Christmas Spirit to a Home." This shows that there is a light, free spirited and even nostalgic energy to this New Moon. While its obviously not Christmas time, there is something festive in the air. Its a great time to get together with friends and family, and celebrate.

This New moon does not have any other aspects to it, so in some ways it is a moon of pure potential. However there are some other strong aspects going on at the same time. The first is Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect brings power struggles and transformation in relationships. Venus is the planet in charge of romance and beauty, and in Aries she becomes very fiery and assertive, even aggressive. She is in no mood to be submissive. Forming a square with Pluto the planet of death and transformation, This leads to a reorganization of power in love relationships.  For happy, and strong relationships, this may mean a renegotiating of roles or power dynamics. It can lead to positive changes that make both parties happy and have a greater understanding of each others goals and desires. For relationships that are rocky, this is a time when they may fall apart. Tensions become unbearable and we may confront our partners or they may confront us with something that can lead to arguments and endings. Jealousy and obsessions are themes that may come up now. For those in unhappy relationships, this is a new moon where breaking free becomes a real possibility. Venus is also conjunct the asteroid Pallas, showing that this is a good time to strategize in our relationships, to either make a positive change, or how to cut ourselves free, if need. Juno is conjunct Pluto, This shows again that change in our partnerships is in the air. Again look to your chart to see where this will play out.

The other aspect is the Grand Trine of Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and North Node in Leo. There are opportunities now for us to reorganize our routines and structures to make room for creativity and change in our lives. The North Node recently moved into Leo and is asking us to express our creativity, so look to see where Leo is in your chart to know where you are being asked to focus your energy. Uranus provides opportunities for change, that may come about unexpectedly, which are asking us to grow and change. As Uranus is conjunct Eris, this change may initially appear disruptive, but it will trun out to be a good thing in the long run. Saturn in Sagittarius gets us to reorganize and incorporate these changes into our daily lives, so we can make these lasting and productive.

In looking at the asteroids, Chiron is conjunct Iris in Pisces, and sextile Fortuna. This shows tht at this time we intuitively know how to heal ourselves from old wounds, and if we are paying attention on this day, there is a lucky opportunity occurring to help us with this. Hygiea is square Jupiter, asking us not to overexert ourselves health wise, and that we may be faced with making some changes to our health routines in order to improve our long term health.

Overall the message of this new moon is that any changes in our lives particularly our partnerships will shake things up, but it all depends how strong our relationships are in the first place how disruptive it is. If you have built a relationship on an unstable foundation, then this is a time that will shake it apart. If all is well, it just means perhaps we need to communicate our needs better. We are being asked by the universe to change and put more creativity into our lives, and if we don't work this into our routine and consciously change things, then the Universe may force that change upon    us.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Chris Cornells Birth Chart

This week myself and other rock fans, were saddened to learn of Chris Cornell, lead singer of Soundgarden and of Audioslave's sudden passing, apparently by suicide. I remember when Soundgarden came out in the late 80s and early 90s. They were the first grunge band to get signed to a major label and were very influential. While not one of my top ten bands, I always enjoyed their music, particularly their earlier work, and Audioslave, Chris Cornells later band. As an astrologer, I became curious about his birth chart and wanted to see if there were any stresses in the chart that might of been activated recently.

Please note that birth charts show strengths and weaknesses, but are not fate. I liken the planets and their positions to the cards you are dealt at birth. How you play those cards is ultimately up to the individual, and even when stresses are activated by transits (where planets are in the sky now), we still have a choice how we respond. If you have similar aspects, it does not mean you will meet a similar outcome, you are always in control. Further more, we can never know someone's mindset, or what may be going on in their personal lives.

Chris Cornell was born July 20, 1964 in Seattle, Washington. There is no time of birth that I can find, so I set the chart for noon on that day. As such we will not be able to know house placement, rising sign or midheaven, but can still glean a fair amount from this chart.

The first thing I notice, is that there are a total of five oppositions in this chart, an unusual number causing a great deal of stress on an individual. The first opposition is Moon opposite Mars and Venus. The moon in Sagittarius makes for a philosophical and optimistic person, who is independent, and a risk taker. This is opposite Venus and Mars in Gemini. Venus in Gemini makes one chatty, smart, quick witted, and attracted to words and flirtatious. Mars in Venus gives one high spirit, but also nervousness and argumentativeness. It can make ones energy wax and wane quickly. With these two opposite the moon, it makes for rocky love affairs, with frustrations and conflicts. Some react by withdrawing, others by becoming possessive. It can make someone rash and competitive, but also moody. Anger and frustration are issues this aspect brings a person.

The next set of oppositions are Saturn in Pisces opposite Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. Saturn in Pisces makes for a creative and sensitive person, but also lends nervousness and anxiety. These are individuals with great insight into others and the human condition, but struggle with solving their own problems. Saturn in Pisces can make one afraid of illness, and isolation. Addiction is their undoing, and having solid routines are important to them. Opposite Uranus, this can lead to a difficulty with compromise, and a tendency to be egotistical. But it can also make one a strong reformer and originator. Saturn opposite Pluto can make compulsion and obsession strong issues. These two planets combined in opposition can lead to sudden changes, and deaths that hit the individual very hard.

The final opposition in the chart is Jupiter opposite Neptune. Jupiter in Taurus makes one devoted, kind and a lover of nature, and sensual pleasure, which can spill over into self indulgence. Opposite Neptune in Scorpio, this can lead to a problem with facing reality and escaping into alcohol or sex. It also brings great musical talent.

A further stresser in this chart are two T Squares to these oppositions. Mercury in Leo square Jupiter and Neptune. Mercury in Leo gives one creativity, makes one an excellent performer, ambitious and able to see the big picture. Square Jupiter it can lead one to become impulsive, and scatter their energy. Square Neptune, it can make one escape into fantasy and become disorganized.

The second T square is Chiron (not shown in the chart above at 18 degrees Pisces), with the Moon and Venus. this shows that childhood emotional issues are triggered by romantic conflicts. This can lead to deep healing through love, or it can bring up painful issues, when conflict arises.

The chart isn't all bad news. He has  Venus conjunct Mars in Gemini. This lends charisma, magnetic sexuality, vitality and determination. It is an excellent placement for an entertainer. There is also Moon trine Saturn, which lends discipline, groundedness and the desire to overcome emotional issues.

Overall this is the chart of a musically talented and sensitive person, one with charisma and a strong sensuality, and a clever mind, who was dealing with emotional and romantic issues, addictions, and anxieties. Their sensitivity was both a blessing and a challenge for them.

In looking at the day of his death, in the early hours of May 18th, I see that the Sun was Sextile his Natal Sun, which would of contributed to a good day before hand, and from all accounts and excellent performance on stage. Mars was also trine natal Mercury, which would of lent a drive to communicate and express ideas.

The only real stress I'm seeing here is Neptune was opposite natal Pluto, and in Pisces, a sign of addiction and mental health issues. Opposite natal Pluto, the planet of deaths and endings, this can trigger issues around loss, addiction and even problems with prescription drugs. Again we will never know what was going on in anyone's mind, however it does appear that during the week leading up to his death, there may have been an event, a loss of some kind, that triggered issues around addiction and or compulsion. 

I'd like to note here that depression and suicidal thoughts are issues that many people struggle with, and unfortunately for some this illness ends up being fatal. If you are struggling with this I encourage you to talk about it and seek help. As it is said "suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem." 

Please let me know what your thoughts are. 

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Weekly Goddess Astrology Forecast May 14 - 21, 2017 - Sun in Gemini

This week the sun moves into fun loving Gemini, and Mercury into relaxed but stubborn Taurus. The energy lightens up towards the end of the week, we feel more get up and go. See below for the week's headlines, daily forecasts and goddess asteroids.

Josephine Wall

Sun Moves Into Gemini
On Saturday afternoon at 3:31pm CDT the Sun moves into fun loving, quick witted and chatty Gemini. While in Taurus we may have felt slow and sluggish, while others just felt more relaxed, depending on how we focused the solar energy. Are we avoiding the work we need to do, or are we taking a much needed break? Have we been indulging ourselves in a healthy way, or falling back into unhealthy old habits? Either way, this coming weekend the energy shifts. If we have been avoiding things we may now feel the urge to get moving and start something. If we have been relaxing, we want to start to get active again. Gemini energy is very quick and flighty at times, so if you are working on a long term project it is best to break it down into short doable steps, and to reward yourself in between, as this is not an overly serious sign. We also tend to get more easily distracted, though this can lead to some interesting side adventures, so make time in your days over the next solar month for fun.

Mercury Moves Into Taurus
Mercury the planet of communication moves from aggressive and assertive Aries into Taurus on Monday May 15 at 11:07pm. While communication over the past few weeks may have been more blunt, this week people soften their tone. Aries is all about fire and self will, while Taurus tends towards being more easy going. While before people may have been looking for a fight, this week, people are more likely to be quiet and relaxed. They will stubbornly hold to their opinions, and it is best not to try to change anyones mind, as they won't be listening to you anyway.

Saturn Trine Uranus
This is a time where structures and organization are working in harmony with new and innovative thinking. Expect scientific and technological breakthroughs to be announced. These will come out of Universities, large companies and government organizations. In our lives we will find we that by going about our day to day routines we have a eureka moment in the middle, a sudden insight that inspires us to move forward.

Daily Forecast
Monday May 15, 2017
Monday the moon is in hard working and dependable Capricorn, It is a great day to get routine work done, and to focus on working steadily towards our goals. Mercury moves into Taurus, lending more earthy energy to the day. It's not a good day for rushing about, as we will fine we need to slow down and take care of ourselves. Mars forms a sextile with Pallas on Monday, lasting until Wednesday. We are best to put our energies at this time towards intellectual pursuits, and strategizing, before moving into a more active phase.
Tuesday May 16 and Wednesday May 17, 2017
The moon is void at 5:22am and moves into Aquarius at 12:50pm on Tuesday. Tuesday morning is a good time to take it easy and not good for important meetings or buying large items. In the afternoon, and on Wednesday, we are more likely to rebel, break the rules and do something different. We don't want to follow rules or be bound by restriction.
Thursday May 18 and Friday May 19, 2017
At 7:33pm CDT the moon goes void, and then moves into Pisces at 10:52pm. This makes for an easy going evening. We feel more dreamy, and imaginative at this time. The moon remains in dreamy Pisces throughout  Friday and most of Saturday. Its not a great couple of days for getting things done, but it is good for making art, and getting in touch with our imagination and intuitive side.
On Friday, the Sun has a sextile with Chiron. There are opportunities to do some healing and come to some important insights.
Venus has an opposition to Jupiter on Friday. This makes us over dramatic, and expect too much at times from our partners. We are inclined to over indulge and go over the top. We want to party and socialize today.
Saturday May 20, 2017
Today the sun moves into Gemini, and we find we are more likely to focus on communication, having fun and are feeling more active. The energy seems to lighten up today, and we feel more curious and cerebral.
Sunday May 21, 2017
The moon goes void at 10:39pm CDT on Saturday and moves into Aries at 5:10am on Sunday. This along with the sun now in Gemini, leads to a more active and energetic Sunday. Its a great day to start a short term project, play a sport, and to get outside and be active.

Pallas Athena the asteroid of the strategist and career woman has a square with Juno in Capricorn on Sunday May 21. Pallas in Aries is outgoing and assertive and this causes tension today with the duties and expectations in our partnerships. Even if this is just us imposing these expectations on ourselves.
Lilith the asteroid of feminism and subcultures makes a conjuction with Eris the goddess of discord and disagreements this week. Watch for tensions between counterculture and the mainstream and for possible troubling news in regards to womens rights and freedoms. There is also the potential for demonstrations and protest this week.
Iris the asteroid in charge of intuition, and messages from the gods makes a conjunction with Chiron this week. Watch for intuitive insights that lead to healing of an old wound. There is also a square with Saturn too, leading us to question some of the routines and structures. We will experience insights through dreams if we are open to them.
Iris also forms a sextile with the asteroid Fortuna, who is in charge of luck. this can lead to some lucky hunches and winnings.
Persephone the goddess of the underworld, and spring, has a square with Pallas this week. We long for time to go within rather than work. We may resist looking logically at things and avoid confrontations.
Psyche, who rules psychoanalysis has a sextile to Vesta this week. This is a great time for doing shadow work or undergoing counseling in regards to past sexual or spiritual issues.
Hygeia, who rules health care, is in retrograde, forcing us to deal with old and unresolved health issues.  She has a sextile to Neptune, showing there are opportunities for us to heal witn water. Whether its going to a spa, spending time at a beach, or even drinking more water. Healing may also come to us through dreams. There is a square to Jupiter, warning us not to over exert ourselves or push ourselves too hard this week.
The goddess of witchcraft is active this week. She forms a sextile with Pallas, giving us opportunities to plan and strategize magical workings. She also forms a conjunction with Mars, so it is great time for magical working that help us to express and let go of anger or frustration. 


Sunday, 7 May 2017

Astorlogy Weather May 8 - 14th, 2017 - A Cosmic Shift

I thought I would try something new and write a weekly post on the astrological weather for the week. Please let me know what you think, your feedback is appreciated.

Full Moon in Scorpio 
There is a full moon on Wednesday, May 10th, at 4:42pm Central. This also occurs right as the moon goes void, so it is not making any major aspects, except for two - one being opposite the sun, which defines a full moon. The Taurus sun shows that we have been focusing on the physical realm of comfort. Everything from food, to acquiring possessions, to making our environments more comfortable and beautiful, have been a focus during sun in Taurus. The moon in Scorpio asks us to focus on how we use our power, and on spiritual transformation. The full moon asks us to reconcile our desire for outward appearances and for comfort, with the inner need to transform through spirituality and even sexuality. It also has a sextile to Pluto, which shows that this full moon is a time when there is an opportunity to transform through letting go of what no longer serves us. It might be time to let go of the past and say goodbye to relationships that dont work, or habits that are holding you back. Look to see where 20 degrees Scorpio is in your chart to know where the desire to change and let go occurs for you.
Twenty degrees Scorpio's Sabian Symbol is "A woman drawing apart two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway". Don't be surprised if spiritual insights and inspiration hit you during this full moon. What was hidden from you now seems obvious. you wonder how you missed it, and have aopportunity to walk a different path and make changes at this time.

The Nodes are Changing Signs
The North Node represents where we are asked to grow and expand. It encourages us to step out of our comfort zone, and try something new. While the South Node is our old patterns, and where we feel comfortable, but where we may stagnate. On May 10th the Nodes move from Pisces/Virgo to Leo/Aquarius. The north node in Leo encourages us to all find our unique way to shine and stand out from the crowd. How can we use our individuality and creativity to make the world a better place? Avoid identifying too much with a particular group as this will not help you. you must have the courage to put yourself forward instead of hiding behind a cause. You are being asked to lead rather than follow. Look to where these signs are in your chart for clues as to where you are being asked to exercise your leadership skills.

Daily Forecast
Monday May 8
Monday the moon goes into void at 5:59pm Central. Take it easy and don't make any big changes at this time. monday should be a relaxing day without any major changes or challenges.
Tuesday May 9
The moon moves into Scorpio at 12:01am Central. feelings can get intense today. We feel powerful and sexy and want to make changes in our lives. Themes of spirituality and sexuality come up for many of us today.
The sun also makes a trine with Pluto today. There is an opportunity for us to change something and to transform our lives today. look for changes and a possible ending that leads to opportunities.
Wednesday May 10
Wednesday is going to be a big day as we have the full moon and the nodes changing signs. Our focus shifts and we are asked to be more creative(see above headlines). Many of us have felt the shift for a few weeks leading up to this transformation on a global scale.
Mercury makes a conjunction with Uranus today, so expect to hear some suprising news. Look to where 25 degrees Aries is in your chart to see where you can expect this news to arrive.
Thursday May 11
The moon moves into fun loving Sagittarius at midnight, and stays in this sign unti Saturday. We long for adventure, excitement and to have some fun. People will also be focused on the big picture and are open to discussing big ideas like philosophy and religion.
Mercury makes a trine with Saturn today, so there are opportunities to use these discussions in a constructive way to make plans for the future.  Its not all just big ideas without a sense of grounding. Saturn will help us to get organized and start making plans.
Mars forms a square with Neptune today too, so don't be surprised if someone tries to pop your bubble and wet blanket you. You may worry your ideas are too big, and not realistic, especially if challenged. Dont let this discourage you, instead find a way to make your plans become reality.
Friday May 12 and Saturday May 13
The moon is still in Sagittarius, so Friday and Saturday are good days for socializing and having fun. Mars is forming a trine with Jupiter, so we feel more optimistic and are driven to expand our horizons and take risks. The only danger today is that we may over promise and bight off more than we can realistically chew.
Saturday at 9:14pm Central the moon moves into void, so expect a relaxing evening after an energized past couple of days.
Sunday May 14
The moon moves into Capricorn at 12:37am Central. Sunday we feel more serious and are more likely to buckle down and get some work done. Its a great day for family and traditional gatherings, doing work or homework, and doing household chores.
Mars is sextile Pallas Athena today. There is an opportunity to exercise our intellect and to strategize towards the future. We are driven to stand up for justice and may find ourselves in intellectual debates today.

The Asteroids
Juno goes into retrograde, in Capricorn, on Tuesday May 9th.  During this time we are asked to review our partnerships particularly when it comes to work and career. Are these partnerships serving us, and how can we re-organize them to something better. We may also run into old work colleagues and may be asked to look at the division of power and work in our romantic partnerships.
This week Lilith forms a square with Pluto. Some of the changes going on around us may lead us to rebel and act out. We can either use this energy to be self destructive, or we can use it to constructively speak out and make changes in our own lives.
Iris is the asteroid in charge of our intuition, she is how we hear messages from the gods. This week she forms a sextile to Lilith and the sun, as well as a square with Eris. Look to the areas where you feel that change is uncomfortable. You may find some of the news and information you are hearing around you to be disturbing. This is where our intuition needs to be headed rather than a knee jerk reaction. Take time to look within for answers.
Fortuna is in charge of luck. This week she is active with a sextile to Iris, a trine with Pluto, and Juno and a conjunction with the sun. She advises us that many of the changes and partnerships reassessments going on will actually turn out to be quite fortuitous. Even any upsetting or shocking news that we may hear this week, will turn out to be for the best.
Persephone is where we are afraid of change and where we may experience fear or depression, but also where we are asked to go within. She makes a square with Pallas and Jupiter this week. We may fear examining things on a deep level because we are afraid of what we will find. We also fear expanding and growing this week. We fear taking the opportunities and risks set in front of us. She also has a trine with Neptune giving us opportunities to explore our fears through dreams and fantasy. Avoid using drugs or alcohol to escape.
Hygeia is the asteroid in charge of health. She goes retrograde on Tuesday May 12th, showing that old health issues may arise to be revisited. Especially ones in regards to bones, teeth or skin issues. She forms an opposition to Persephone, reminding us not to get afraid or overwhelmed when these issues re-appear. She forms a square with Pallas and Jupiter, showing we may be resistant to reason or to trying new techniques to relieve these issues. We overreact, but resist making changes to make the issue better. There is a sextile with Neptune, suggesting dreams may hold clues, or that spending time near or in water will help our health.
Hekate, the asteroid of witchcraft and magick makes a sextile with Pallas. There is an opportunity for us to pursue academic and intellectual studies in this area, or have very intellectual discussion s in this field this week. 



Friday, 14 April 2017

Retrograde Season - Time to Review and Recharge

This week will have four planets in retrograde, and a fifth that has just moved out of retrograde and started going direct today. I thought It would be a good time to talk about retrogrades and what they mean for us.

Mercury Retrograde
Probably the most famous of the retrogrades. Mercury is in charge of communication and travel. When this planet appears to go backwards it can cause all sorts of annoyances and delays in these areas. Travel delays and cancellations, losing our keys, and misplaced tickets can all upset our plans. Make sure to leave lots of extra when you travel during a retrograde. Communication mistakes can also happen, so make sure you are being clear and if you hear anything that doesn't sound right, double check it. Look carefully at all contracts and paperwork during this time. 
Be aware too that communication devices like phones, and computers are more likely to breakdown now. So back up all your files.
On the bright side, it's a great time to review things especially any writing or communications you've been working on. Don't start a new project in this area, but it's a great time to edit and revise. It's also a time where you are more likely to find lost objects. 
Mercury retrograde ends May 3, 2017.

Venus Retrograde
Venus moves out of retrograde today April 16, 2017, but I think it's worth a recap anyway. Venus is the planet of romantic relationships, and beauty. When she moves into retrograde don't change your hairstyle or your wardrobe, or redecorate your house. When you get out of the retrograde, you'll wonder what you were thinking. 
It is a great  time to review past relationships, and examine what you've learned from them. You are also more likely to run into former lovers.

Jupiter Retrograde
Jupiter retrograde started on February 6,  and ends on June 9, 2017. Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion. When he moves into retrograde, our progress is slowed down. Things that came easy to us suddenly don't come so easy. It's a time to asses our progress towards our goals over the past few months. It's also a time where we may experience some unexpected luck, and a good time to go on a diet.

Saturn Retrograde
From April 6 to August 25, 2017 Saturn is in retrograde. Saturn is the planet in charge of areas where we need to work hard, where we are restricted, and our karma. When he goes in to retro, we feel an easing of some of the restrictions and rules around us, but we may also lack self discipline. We need to review what we've been working towards and make sure we are standing strong in our discipline. It's also a time when karma comes to call. Wether we've been giving out positive or negative energy, it will come back to us at this time. 

Pluto Retrograde
Pluto is the slowest moving of the planets and is in retrograde from April 20 to September 28, 2017. Pluto is the planet of transformation and death. When in retrograde we are asked to examine our ability to self sabotage and our self destructive tendencies. Where are we working against ourselves? Is greed, anger or ego getting the best of us?

In short retrogrades are a time to slow down and do some self examination. What are your thoughts on retrogrades?

The Devil Card - or Letting Fear Take Charge

This week I was inspired to write about the Devil card in the tarot. This was brought on by a video I made earlier this week talking about celebrated new age author Doreen Virtue's decision to become a born again Christian (I'll link the video below). Actually it wasn't the video itself, or even this authors decision that inspired me - more the reaction of a minority who responded to me with judgement and fear.
I'd like to say that the overwhelming response has been positive, and supportive, and it's comforting to know I'm not alone in my feelings. I did have a small number tell me that I'm in danger from "demons and dark forces" etc. While I find that point of view rather saddening, it did inspire me to write about one of the most misunderstood cards in the tarot. 


The Devil is number 15 in the Trump cards, or Major Arcana, coming after Temperance and before the Tower. The Rider Waite deck shows a classic Devil half man/half goat figure with a reversed pentagram on his forehead and a male and female figure bound by chains. 

The image looks scary and often causes concern when it comes up in a reading. If you look closer though, you will see that the chains are loose and the figures could easily take them off and walk away. 

When this card comes up in a reading, it points to anything that is controlling or manipulating us. This could be someone who is playing on our sense of guilt or fears, to an addiction to outright abuse. Anything where we have given over our power to someone or something else and are too blinded to see that we can walk away. 

The card also points to putting the physical above the spiritual, as shown by the reverse pentagram and animal aspects in the figures. This is not always a bad thing, depending on the reading, but at times it means we've become too materialistic and focused on the physical.

Sometimes we might be allowing another person to play on our insecurities or sense of duty towards them. Rather than distancing ourselves  or confronting them, we think we have no choice to give in to their demands or we think it's easier than having that confrontation. 

Other times it points to an addiction, anything from drug and alcohol abuse to workaholism. Again we are giving our power to something else and allowing it to take over our lives. 

Sometimes it's an actual abusive situation. We may be being emotionally or physically abused by someone and need to get away. Often these sort of people will make their victim feel that they cannot get away and that they are trapped. 

What all these situations lead back to fear. Fear is what traps people in bad relationships, addictions, and over reliance on the material world. It can be fear of further abuse, being abandoned or fear of self examination. Whatever it is, fear blinds us to seeing that there is a way out.

Which leads me back to the "hell and damnation" commentators. I firmly believe that any religion or philosophy that uses fear to control people is embodying the Devil card. There is an irony in this as many of these sorts of people believe they are doing "Gods work" by judging others and trying to frighten them into their philosophy. They are afraid of anyone that believes something different from them, and must have others validate their beliefs. I find that those I've run into who are like this have often been frightened by someone else in the past and are just passing this fear on to others. 

As I said in my video, if your philosophy or religion is leading you to be a loving and kind to others  - thats awesome. I don't want to pick on any particular religion,  because I know all sorts of Christians, pagans, aethiests etc who embody compassion and positive energy. And I'm all for whatever helps someone be a better person. If your brand of spirituality though is making you judge, fear, or hate others, then that's the Devil, and remember you can always take off the chains and walk away.

What are your thoughts on the Devil card in the tarot? Do you dread it coming up? How do you interpret it?

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Full moon in Libra - Resisting Change

This week we have a full moon in the sign of Libra, on Tuesday April 11 at 2:08am EDT. Full moons occur when the sun is opposite the moon. The sun is in the fiery and active sign of Aries, and the moon is in the airy and balanced sign of Libra. Full moons are a time of culmination and release. Whatever goals we set at the new moon, we will start to see some results. It also is a time when it is good to express gratitude and to release any worries or fears. The sun opposite the moon shows a conflict between our ego and will, and our emotional needs, particularly between our egos desire to be independent (Aries) and our emotional need for partnership (Libra). We must each find a way to reconcile this and strike a balance that works for us.

From the Oracle of the Radiant Sun

Sabian Symbol
This full moon is at 21degrees Libra. Look at where that point is in your birth chart to see what area you should focus your energies. The Sabian symbol for this degree is "A Crowd on a Beach". This alludes to that this is a time to work together with others and to think of the collective. Beaches are a liminal space, marking the boundaries between land and water, showing that collectively we are working towards transformation and an awareness of the need to work together. Think collectively and pay attention to messages from the subconscious this full moon.

Full Moon Aspects
Moon Conjunct Jupiter (retrograde)
This full moon is conjunct Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck. We will be feeling quite emotional and generous at this time and may push ourselves to promise too much to others. With Jupiter in retrograde, we are asked to reflect first before we make any promises to others. There may be some unexpected strokes of good luck too, especially for Libras, Leos, Sagittarius, Geminis and Aquarius.

Moon Opposite Uranus
The moon is opposite the planet of inspiration, insights and sudden events. Watch for surprises and insights that may catch you off guard and emotionally upset you. The things that are revealed at this time have important messages for you, for your growth.

Moon Square Pluto
We emotionally resist change by trying to manipulate or control others. Do not try to emotionally or sexually manipulate others or succumb to it yourself. This will only backfire on us. We cannot stop change, only move with it.

Sun Opposite Jupiter (retrograde)
The Sun is opposite expansive Jupiter. This leads to restlessness, as we may feel that we are not moving fast enough. We may try to push things too fast and get frustrated when things aren't happening in the time that we want. We must remember that the Universe doesn't work in the time frame we demand.

Sun Conjunct Uranus
While we may find sudden events upsetting to our sense of equilibrium, but they are asking us to grow and expand. What we think is a bad turn of events, turns out to actually work in your favour. Look to where 21 - 24 degrees Aries is in your chart to find out where this will occur in your life.

Sun Square Pluto
Like moon square Pluto, we may have trouble this full moon, not just emotionally, but on an ego level dealing with loss and change around us. We may take personally things that others do or events that are out of our control.

Retrograde Planets
This full moon there are four planets in retrograde. Mercury goes into retrograde on April 9th, in the sign of Taurus. Expect that mechanical and communication items or computers may break down, as this retrograde will manifest itself more physically as it is in an Earth sign. Mercury retrograde is a great time to revise and re-look at things. Its also a great time to sort through items and rediscover what you may have lost.
Venus is in retrograde in Pisces and will go direct on April 15. This is a time to look back on past relationships and to learn from them. It is not a good time to change your hairstyle, or wardrobe.
 Saturn and Jupiter retrogrades are more subtle. Saturn retrograde lifts some of the restrictions we may of been under, but it can lead us to be complacent. While Jupiter retrogrades mean that the progress we have made growing and expanding becomes slower and even stalled. It is a great time to go on a diet though.
Overall these planets in retrograde ask us to take time to reflect. Rather than moving forward, look back at the progress you have made since December, and reflect on how you can revise things, and where you want to go from here.


Saturday, 8 April 2017

Uranus Opposition - When the Universe Slaps Your Face (Also Called a Mid Life Crisis)

There's a thing that happens to many people in their early 40's, called the Uranus Opposition. Usually called a mid-life crisis, it hits us anywhere from age 40 - 44. Uranus the planet ruling sudden changes, inspiration and insights, it takes about 80 years to make it all the way back around the zodiac to the point when you were born. When you get into your early 40s it will hit a point exactly opposite where it is in your birth chart. This is the Uranus opposition. It is a wake up call from the god of lightning, sudden changes, and depending on how you have been living out the previous years, it can hit you hard or it may just refocus and reinvigorate you.

Image result for lightning

We've all known or heard of people who in their early 40s suddenly leave their marriage, change jobs, get a tattoo or sell everything and move to Bora Bora. When it happens you know that the Uranus Opposition has hit them hard. Uranus in our chart shows us where we are unique and different from others. Got Uranus in the first house (like me)? You will dress and look different with your own unique style. In the fourth house - your home and family will be quite different. Got it in the the 10th house - you will have a unique and strange career path to others.

When we hit the Uranus opposition, he comes calling to ask us if we've been living up to the unique path he has set for us. How have we used that gift? Have we embraced it? Or have we tried to deny and squash it in an effort to conform to others' expectations. If we have not owned our quirks and accepted ourselves, he will hit us hard. This is when some people wake up and realize that they have not been living there's souls calling. That they have caged their wildness, put a beige suit on it and expected it to perform for others. Many see this as their last chance to get on with the business of following the path of their soul.

A funny thing happens in your early 40s - you stop giving a damn so much about what others think. Instead of conforming to the expectations of others, you are more likely to say "screw it" and do what you want. This is Uranus coming to call at the half wayish point of your life. You are not a kid anymore, but you are not old either. What are you going to do with the next half or so of your life (personally I expect to live to 100, so its not quite halfway for me I hope)? Depending on how true you have been to yourself you may have to make minor adjustments or major ones to course correct. If you have to make major ones, be prepared for the shock you may give others. Then again you can just ignore it, and many people do, and guarantee that your next 40 - 50 years (or whatever you have) will be miserable.

Personally I have not found this point too difficult. I'm in a great relationship and feel no urge to run away and join the circus. I did also have an eclipse on my natal sun recently (another subject for anther day) which combined did give me a bit of a slap in the face from the Universe. It said - "get on with creating things, because if you don't  I will give you an breakdown. And don't worry what others think, like what you like, say what you need to say, and be who you are." So not too terrible, so far. Then again I never had much trouble with being different.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

New Moon in Aries - Winds of Change

On Monday March 27 at 10:57pm EDT there is a New Moon at 7 degrees Aries. A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct with each other. It is a great time for new starts, as our conscious and rational side (the Sun) and our subconscious and emotional side (the Moon) are working together. In Aries, we are fiery, enthusiastic and inspired with a clear vision. We want to protect whats ours and we go after our goals with renewed energy. Look at where 7 degrees Aries is in your chart, to see where you can put this fiery focused energy to best use.

The Aries energy is strong at this New Moon, as Mercury, Venus, and Uranus are all in this sign.This can lead to a lot of fiery communication, and hot romantic encounters, but also sudden changes, accidents and shocking events. With the Uranus and Mercury conjunction, be prepared for sudden revelations that can take you by surprise. Both these planets are opposite Juptier in Libra, showing that these changes are opposed by those wanting to hold on to the old order, and that it may be disruptive to our sense of harmony.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is "A Large Woman's Hat With Streamers Blown by an East Wind." This means that the winds of change are coming. The East wind represents new ideas and disruptions that bring change and new life. We can think of this hat as the traditional Easter bonnet associated with Spring and new life. Changes that come now while initially disruptive, will lead to ferment and growth.

The most prominent aspect of this New Moon is the conjunction with Venus retrograde in Aries. Venus in Aries is fiery and passionate, and very assertive. In retrograde, we are asked to focus on self love rather than outward romance. We are asked to take steps towards self love, to set boundaries and be assertive on behalf of our self.

Another aspect in play is Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn. When Mars is in Taurus his energy slows down and he asks us to focuses on the long term. He feels more defensive, than active.  There are opportunities for change and transformation now, but there are those who will resist. We must think about the long term goal, and examine any aspect of yourself that is resisting changes. This is further reinforced by Jupiter in Libra square Pluto. We resist changes because it will upset our sense of harmony, and we don't want to be forced to step outside our comfort zone.

This New Moon, don't be thrown off by the changes going on around you. They are happening for a reason. They are getting us to grow and preparing us for further transformation. Focus on self love and care during this time, and you will best prepared for any changes ahead.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

My Top 10 Favourite Podcasts

A few years ago I got sucked into listening to podcasts. I'd of course heard of them, but didn't really think it was my thing. I assumed it was like boring radio talk shows, the kind one's parents listened to back before the internet, where people either quietly discuss such exciting topics as the national deficit, or call in to complain about potholes and the dangers of young people. Then I found that podcasts covered so much more!

I initially started to listen to pagan and witchcraft type podcasts, and then moved on to other kinds, including mainstream CBC ones. As of now, my podcast subscriptions are a mix of new age, tarot, astrology and creative type subjects. Here below are a list of my current top ten in no particular order.

1.Psychic Teachers 
This podcast features two gifted intuitives, Samantha Fey and Deb Bowen. One is Catholic and the other pagan, giving each a different perspective on the spiritual. They cover such topics as psychic development, spirit guides, chakras, and tarot cards to name a few. It's broad enough that no matter whether you are just starting to embrace all things woo woo, or are a seasoned metaphysician, you can learn something from this positive and entertaining podcast.

2.Anne Ortelee Weekly Weather Astrology
A professional astrologist for over 20 years, Anne Ortelee uploads a weekly astrology weather report. Its a great way to learn what's going on  astrologically for the week, and to learn a little bit about the planets and aspects along the way.

3. Hippie Witch
If you are into manifesting, and enjoy all things witchy and mystical, you'll enjoy Joanna's lighthearted and positive podcast. She speaks to various people in the witchcraft and new age community about current topics and how to manifest all good things and improve your life.

4. Biddy Tarot
If you love tarot, you are probably  aware of Biddy tarot. Her podcast has some fascinating interviews with those in the tarot community including authors and artists. She also talks about working with the tarot and ways to develop your tarot business.

5.Being Boss
Speaking of tarot business, while not specifically for spiritual businesses, this podcast is a great resource for creative entrepreneurs.  Kathleen and Emily are funny, informative and inspiring. Anyone looking at starting up or developing a business will enjoy this.

6.Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
If you are spiritual and love Harry Potter, you will enjoy this podcast. Two humanist chaplains go through a chapter each week  and discuss the chapter through themes such as isolation, betrayal, pride etc. You don't have to be from a particular religion, or any religion at all to get something out of this program. It made me really think about the Harry Potter books at a deeper level.

7.The Unexplained
In the mood for something spooky?  This podcast has great ghost, UFO and other paranormal stories. It will give you chills and get you to question the nature of consensus reality. The host has a great voice and is an excellent storyteller. This combined with the background music, makes for riveting listening.

8.The Mythology Podcast
I don't think the author is adding new episodes to this podcast. At least, the last one was uploaded Halloween 2016. Still I think this is a good podcast to go through if you like folklore and mythology. The host takes themes like creation stories, tricksters, plant mythology etc. and draws comparison cross culturally. I also like that he covers lesser known mythologies and stories from around the world.

9,Eddie Trunk Podcast
One of these things is not like the others... This podcast on my list and is not spiritual or creative biz like. If you like hard rock and metal music, you'll like this one. Eddie Trunk was the host of the VH1 show "that Metal Show" which ran until 2015. Now he interviews musicians on his radio show and takes the best ones from the week, and makes a podcast out of it. My only complaint is there are too many ads and plugs, but I skip past them to get to the interviews.

10.Goddess Astrology
I'm going to plug my astrology soundcloud. I upload it once weekly (usually), to let people know the astrology weather including the major asteroids, many of which represent feminine goddess energy. I hope people can learn something along the way about astrology as well.

These are the podcasts I'm listening to right now and enjoying. I hope maybe you can find one or two on this list that you will enjoy too. Let me know what ones you are enjoying too.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Full Moon in Virgo - Putting Our Spirtual Visions in Order

Today March 12 at 7:45am EDT the Moon was at it apex, at 22 degrees Virgo. This full Moon is in Virgo, the sign of healing, day to day work, and organization. As the Moon rules our emotions, we have a strong desire to get things organized in our life, to adjust our schedules, clean up our homes and our emotional baggage.

The Oracle of the Radiant Sun

A full Moon occurs when the Moon is opposite the Sun. It brings out conflicts between our conscious and subconscious minds, and is an opportunity for healing and resolution. The Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo, show there is a need to find a way to incorporate some of the spiritual lessons we have learned (Sun in Pisces) into our everyday routines (Moon in Virgo). This full Moon occurs at 22 degrees Virgo, so take a look at what house this occurs in your chart, to see where this will show up in your life. Is it in the fourth house - maybe you need to make an altar or find a spot in your home to reflect your spiritual leanings? Is it in the sixth house - how can you bring your spirituality into your work? Etc.

The Sabian symbol for 22 degrees Virgo is "a Lion Tamer Displays his Skills and Character". This reminds me very much of the Strength card in the tarot. It shows that this full Moon, we can will not tackle our issues with brute force, but rather with patience and gentleness. Calmness and self confidence will take us farther than trying to impose our will by being demanding.

The full Moon is opposite Chiron, the asteroid representing the wounded healer. Old wounds, especially spiritual wounds will show up now. Use this Moon as an opportunity to release and forgive in this area. There is also an opposition to Mercury in Pisces, the planet of communication. We may not be able to put our feelings into words at the time. It may be easier to communicate our feelings through art, especially dance and photography, two art forms Pisces is most comfortable with.

The full Moon has a square to Saturn, showing a conflict between our emotions and the outer structure and expectations in our life. We may long for healing, but be afraid of what others will think of us. It also shows that we may feel limited in our capacity to express ourselves. We may feel more like withdrawing at this time.

The Sun is conjunct with Chiron on this day in Pisces. There is opportunity to shine a light on where we have been hurt. Again, look at where 22-24 degrees Pisces is in your chart, to see what area this occurs. You probably already can guess where this is, by looking at some of the issues that have come up over the past week.

Other aspects on this full Moon are Mercury in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius. Again this shows we feel restricted and inhibited in our communications. We must take time to think about and organize our thoughts when expressing ourselves. There is also an opposition between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. The planet of expansion and growth, Jupiter is in retrograde, slowing down our sense of forward movement. We want harmony, but this is disrupted by outside sudden events in the world around us.

Use this full Moon as an opportunity to do some healing and letting go, especially spiritually. Find how you can bring the spiritual lessons into your day to day life, and establish this into your routine. Maybe you need time to meditate, or go for a walk? Do you need to make a space for yourself in your home? Or eat a diet that feels more aligned with your health goals or values? This full Moon is a great time to look at these issues.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

You Cannot be Lightworker and Play Heavy Metal?

There is a prevailing notion in the new age spiritual community that hard rock or metal music is not spiritual. That in order to be a bona fide psychic/healer/lightworker etc. One must be all kittens rainbows and sparkles at all times. Break out the new age relaxation tunes, or maybe  a little Celtic folk music, or nature sounds, or even some bright happy pop, but heaven forbid you dust off Metallica's "And Justice for All". Now don't get me wrong, I like glittery rainbow kittens, as much as the next person. In fact most people who know me are aware of my love for magical unicorns. But that is just one small part of me.

Usually though when people in the psychic community have found out what sort of music I listen to, or that I've played in metal or punk type bands, the reactions range from surprise to outright disapproval. I once had someone tell me that heavier music was a lower vibration and that it attracts negative energy. Thus if I wanted to be a manifester of positivity, and develop as a psychic, I aught not to be listening to it, never mind playing it. 

 I hate to admit it, but their ideas did seep in. After all didn't I want to be a positive lightworker? Didn't I want to manifest with joy and affirmations and sparkly crystals? Didn't I want to be taken seriously as an Intuitive helping people reach their creative potential? And of course I do. I like helping people to see the possibilities available to them, and helping them get to get creatively unstuck.

One rainbow unicorn kitten coming up.

But there was a problem. In my desire to help others, I shut down a powerful source of my own creative energy. By not creating myself, or acknowledging something I love, I had cut off an important part of me. There is a saying that what you resist persists, and it is true. After not playing guitar or listening to my favourite music (or much of any music frankly) for quite a while, it took its toll. First I got depressed. Then I had a hard time finding inspiration for drawing or writing. Listlessness and anxiety set in. I went to visit my bestie who asked me if I still liked Axl Rose and in a bid to sound like a sensible person, I actually said I was over it. Then the strange dreams started - Tornadoes of fire, and being buried alive amongst others. 

Then the eclipse happened and it punched me in the face metaphorically.  I was off for a week and instead of having fun I was struck with a terrible stomach flu. Then my step daughter came home one day having developed a sudden interest in my favourite band. I was dissapointed that I didn't get to introduce them to her, that her step father had instead. Lying on the couch nauseous while my 9 year old insisted on loudly singing along to Paradise City, it struck me - Stop being someone else idea of an adult. You can't help people be creative if you don't acknowledge your own. To help people be themselves you have to be yourself - your whole self. 

 Anger, rebellion and sex, some of the driving forces behind metal and hard rock are not inherently negative. The idea that they are is largely a puritanical concept. Like anything else, run amuck they can be destructive. Anger let's us know when a boundary has been crossed, or when a change needs to happen. Rebellion can be good because authority needs to be questioned at times. And let's face it - none of us would be here without sex. Too many of us have unhealthy ideas and hang ups in this area anyway. 

So to those who say it's lower vibration, that's fine, that's their opinion. It's not everyone's cup of tea and that's okay. But it's mine and I have to keep drinking it to stay sane. Oh and too my bestie - I'm sorry I lied. I'm so not over it.
guns n roses slash gnr duff mckagan

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Five Contemporary Ways to Honour Vesta the Goddess of the Hearth

I was wanting to write a monthly blog post featuring the goddess or god I am working with for the lunar month. I didn`t want to rehash the mythology, as it`s pretty readily available, and there's lots of resources that can tell you it much better than I could. I also have no interest in reconstructionism, and trying to replicate the past. I personally believe the gods move with the times too, and don`t demand we do things the way we did then two thousand years ago.

Vesta Goddess of the Hearth

For the lunar month that started on January 27th, I am working with Vesta (also called Hestia) the Roman goddess of the home and hearth. This was a perfect choice as this month I am focusing on the home. She was in charge of protecting the family, the home, and the city of Rome as well. Below are five ways that a modern day person can honour this goddess.

1. Examine Housekeeping Roles
Back in Roman times, and until fairly recently, taking care of the home and family was seen as the domain of women. These days with most women in the Western world working outside the home, it is unrealistic to expect women to be the sole caretakers in this area. Sadly women still take on most of the burden, though luckily this has been changing over time. How much of the housework do you do? Can you ask for help form a partner? Can the kids do more to pick up after themselves? If you're like me you probably work one or two jobs, and can't possibly devote the rest of your time to something as mundane as housekeeping.

2. Clean and Declutter
Okay, so you don't want to spend all your time housecleaning, but take the time you can spend on it, and devote it to the goddess. Make yourself a schedule, or spend time decluttering. An inspiring book I read recently is Spark Joy by Marie Kondo who also wrote the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. When you get rid of the non essential, you open up your space and engage with your home as a sacred space.

3. Decorate 
Decluttering isn't so much about throwing things out, but about keeping what you love. Make your home into a shrine. Show off artwork and objects you love. Do you have comfortable furntiure? Is your place an inviting space? Your place should reflect you and your family's taste, and not be a carbon copy of everyone else's.

4. Light a Candle in Her Honour
Vesta is a goddess of the hearth, and a flame was kept burning in her honour at her temple in Rome. While most of us don't have hearths anymore, and its is unsafe to keep a candle burning at all hours of the day, we can light a candle for her. Oranges and reds are a good choice, as these are her favourite colours. If you do have a fireplace, lighting a fire during the cold winter months, is a cozy way to honour this loving and protective goddess.

5. Get Involved in Local Politics
This may surprise you, as Vesta is the Goddess of the hearth. But she was also the protectress of Rome. She challenges us to think of ways to get involved in local politics so we can make our wider community a better home for everyone. Vote, call your local politicians about issues you care about, stay informed, volunteer, and show up for protests if you can. We may not have a temple with priestesses tending a flame in it, but we can keep the flame in our hearts, and stay active and involved in our local areas.

In what ways do you honour the goddess of the hearth?

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Lunar Eclipse in Leo - Illumination by Fire

On Friday February 10, 2107, there will be a not only a full moon in Leo, but also a lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses are a time of illuminating and revealing. They bring to light what has been hidden and force us to face issues. This can bring insight and illumination for some, and a slap in the face for those that may have not wanted to look at certain things, or wanted to hide away from issues. Hopefully, if we have been doing the work we need to do in our lives, it will bring us an aha moment.

 If you want to know how this will play out in your chart, look to which house Leo rules, or more precisely where 22 degrees Leo is in your chart and it will tell you where this insight and illumination will occur. Also look to see if it is aspecting any of your natal planets, and this will give you additional insight as to how it will affect you personally. For me it is especially auspicious, as my natal Sun is at 22 degrees Leo. As it is in my tenth house, I am expecting an insight in relation to my career, and my sense of self.

 Full Moon in Leo
Full moons occur when the sun and moon are in opposition to each other. The sun in Aquarius makes us idealistic, optimistic, and forward moving. We want to try new things, be innovative and do what is best for humanity. Leo is more self focused, and with the Moon in Leo, we want to have a good time, stroke our egos, and express ourselves. Full moons ask us to integrate these energies. We need to find a way to express or creativity, while also working for the best of humanity. Given the political climate right now, we need to be creative and positive in our approach to moving things forward. Respect for the individual and looking after whats best for all need to be balanced harmoniously.

Grand Fire Trine 
The Moon in Leo forms a trine with Uranus, the planet of sudden and shocking events in Aries. Uranus also brings us inspiration and flashes of insight. In fiery Aries, the results are more often more shocking, and there are more impulsive and aggressive energies about. He can also spur us on to make big changes and new starts in our lives. He is being tempered by Saturn in Sagittarius, which is trine to Uranus, and the Moon. Saturn asks us to examine our philosophies and beliefs. He asks us to examine things before we rush off with a rash new idea. With them making a trine, there are opportunities for something to be illuminated in a shocking way, that will make us examine our beliefs and structures. The Sun is sextile Uranus and Saturn, showing there is an opportunity in these events to make changes in our own lives for the better.

Jupiter Opposite Uranus
Jupiter goes retrograde on Monday, before the full moon. The planet of expansion slows down and so does our ability to expand. Things don't come as easy, and we have to work harder to get things done. As he is opposite Uranus, this means that sudden events are challenging us to grow and work together. Jupiter in Libra wants harmony and togetherness, while Uranus in Aries wants change, action and to shake things up. This full moon we are asked to try to get these different aspects to work together.

For more details on the full astrology for the week, you can listen to my podcast attached below.
Goddess Astrology Podcast

 I have also included your weekly tarot horoscope.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

February Relationship Spread

I will be featuring a different spread each month this year, and for February, I thought a relationship reading would be ideal. Yes it can be used for romantic ones, after all it is the month of hearts, flowers, candy and chocolates. However, it can be used to analyze any relationships, from business partnership, to friends and family members. 


You can try this out for yourself, or if you would like a reading from me, you can check out my 
Etsy Shop

1. How you see yourself in the relationship
2. How the other person sees themselves
3. How you see them
4. How they see you
5. What are your expectations for this partnership?
6. What are their expectations?
7. Your challenges
8. Their challenges
9. The gifts you bring to this partnership
10. The gifts they bring
11. The lessons you are learning right now in your partnership
12. The lessons they are learning.
13. What brings harmony to the relationship.
14. Outcome/future

If you would like to check out a quick example, check out the video below. 

Let me know how this Spread has worked for you? 

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Weekly Astrology Jan. 30 - Feb.05

Happy Imbolc to all my pagan friends, and happy Groundhog Day to everyone. Below is the weekly astrology podcast. Let me know what you think of the podcast. What would you like to hear more of? Should it be longer or shorter? Let me know your thoughts.

Goddess Astrology Podcast

Also your weekly tarot report is here too.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Weekly Astrology Jan 23 - 29 2017

This week sees a New Moon at 8 degrees Aquarius. It marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the year of the fire rooster. A new moon in Aquarius invites us to seek out ways to benefit humanity and asks us what role we are willing to take in our society and social groups. Set intentions more making the world wether thats on a global or local level, a better place.
We also see Venus making a square to Saturn, an Mars move into the passionate sign of Aries. Listen below for a full report.

Goddess Astrology Podcast

Below as usual is your tarot reading for the week for your sun sign.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Why I Had to Say F You to my Bullet Journal

Last week I was turned on to bullet journalling by a friend who was showing me her beautiful journal. I was thinking of purchasing a journal as a book of mirrors, to record readings, magical workings, etc. And this seemed like a good fit. I had seen bullet journals before from watching YouTube videos and on Pinterest but hadn't given it a ton of thought. My friend's journal looked very useful and the organized side of me loved the thought of this. 

 A beautiful perfect journal from Pinterest

I went home and researched bullet journals and immediately became excited about all the beautiful layouts and trackers and colourful lists. I followed bullet journal boards on Pinterest and signed up for a bullet journal group on Facebook.  I then went out and bought a journal with grided paper, a ruler and some delightful inky pens, and spent a good part of last weekend making these beautiful lists, a goal diagram, a mood tracker and level 10 life chart etc. Etc. I was so getting into bullet journalling. 

 Except then something weird started to happen. I started to feel anxious while making it. And that's weird because two things that make me calm are being organized, and making art. Wasn't this somewhat creative? Wasn't I being organized? Why was I feeling this way? 

  Then it dawned on me. The point of being organized is to be able to have time to enjoy things. Except now, I was not spending my time doing things, I was spending it trying to record it all perfectly in my bullet journal. I wasn't making art or reading cards, I was trying to draw the perfect bookshelf for a list of books "to read" Except I wasn't going to be able to read them because my bullet journal was demanding I do that instead! Yikes. 

 Plus I already have an awesome day planner that serves me well. It's the Metaphysicians day planner by Benebel Wen and it is amazeballs. It keeps track of things, and is delightfully witchy. It also is more like a loving reminder and not a demanding taskmaster of perfectionism. The day planner's job is to keep me organized and it does its job. I don't really need another organization system. Don't get me wrong, I think the system can work well for some people, I'm just not one of them. 

 Plus wasn't the point of the journal in the first place to be a book of mirrors? I wanted a journal that was more Luna Lovegood and less Professor Umbridge. So I tore out my beautiful perfected pages and threw them out. I decided to give my journal a new start and let it be the magical book it always wanted to be. And no, I did not take photos of the pages. If you want to see beautiful perfect lists of movies to watch and daily habit trackers, you can go on Pinterest.  

This weeks videos feature two lovely decks I received this week - the Modern Spellcasters Tarot and the Viking Oracle. I also have my 31 Days of Tarot video, days 10 - 16

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Crystal of the Month - Sunstone

I'm starting a new feature, where each month I'll talk about a different crystal and it's metaphysical applications. Let me know what you think and if you'd like to see more of these kinds of posts.



Sunstone is a pink to orange coloured stone found in Sweden and Norway and some parts of the United States. It's a feldspar with copper and hematite inclusions, which give it the orange, red brown to pink appearance. It is usually darker in the centre and lighter towards the outside.

Sunstone is a stone of joy and empowerment. It is considered by some to be associated with Ra the Egyptian god of the Sun. It radiates happiness and confidence, and can be used to help ones self esteem. It attracts luck and prosperity and in turn helps one to be more generous to others. It promotes a sense of independence and helps one to feel alive and enthusiastically 


I picked this stone for January, the depths of winter in the northern hemisphere. For those that suffer from SAD it can be a great stone to wear during the winter months to help lift ones spirits and ward off depression. Relatively inexpensive, it can be worn as jewelry or carried in ones purse or in a pocket. Associated with the solar plexus chackra, wearing it as a pendant on a necklace is the ideal placement, but having it anywhere on the body is  beneficial. 

What's your favourite go to crystal for a little bit of a joyful, sunny pick me up? 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

A Snowy and Stormy Week

This week there was a big snowstorm with 70km winds and a temperature of  -40 C with the windchill. I have to say it made me feel a little proud that even in this weather we don't shutdown we just keep on going. 


While it is cold, I do believe in the Nordic saying, "there is no bad weather, only bad clothes". Personally I believe in lots of layers. I wear tights under my jeans, and a t shirt and hoody, or sweater, plus of course a big fuzzy (fake fur) coat, scarf, two layers of mitts and a hat and super warm boots. If my feet get cold, then I'm done. And I limit my time outside in this weather. I like winter, but when it's this cold, I'll limit my outdoor time. These photos were taken from the skywalk that links the buildings in downtown Winnipeg. Most days I walk outside, but on this day I thought it best to walk indoors as much as possible. 


I love the Danish idea of "hygge" of enjoying winter by being cozy. Instead of complaining about how dreadful it may be outside, I prefer to light candles, wear comfy and fuzzy clothes, drink hot beverages and cozy up with a good book or TV show. And when I go outside I dress for it and enjoy the winter beauty. I'm aware a lot of people find this time of year with the darkness depressing, but I personally love it. 


It also makes me very greatful for the modern conveniences we have like central heating and quick heated transportation. It is so much easier to survive the winter in comfort, than it was 100 years ago. 

What are your favourite things about winter? How do you deal with it, if you find the winter challenging?

Below are my videos from this week. I'm participating in the 31 Days of Tarot challenge, and also showed my modifications to my Day Planner. I also have to say I've been turned on to bullet journaling and I may have unleashed a new obsession. But I'll update you all next week on that. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Goddess of the Year - Kuan Yin, Compassion

On the morning of New Year's Day, I pull a card for the year from one of my many deity decks,. It's an important ritual for me as it determines the theme I'll focus on for the year and the god or goddess becomes one of the main deities I work with for the year. So it's a big deal for me. 

I determine which deck by a role of a dice, and then shuffle the deck until a card pops out or flips over. Last year I got Rhiannon from the Goddesses and Sirens deck by Jimmy Manten and Stacey Demarco. It's key phrase was Self Trust - and wow was that ever true for 2016. I really had to confront some of my fears, including going on a TV show to face my driving fears, and having to fly by myself to visit a friend. These things challenged me to develop self trust. 


This year's goddess and theme was again from the Goddesses and Sirens deck by Stacey DeMarco. This time Kuan Yin popped out almost right away. Her key word is "compassion". I have to admit I was a little worried about what the theme for this year would be, as I've been feeling some anxiety for 2017. Seeing this was a welcome message, and a reminder that I need to be kind to myself. 

Kuan Yin Goddess of Mercy
Kuan Yin is a popular goddess throughout China, Japan and Sotheast Asia, and is often known as the Goddess of Mercy, amoung other names. She is a bodisattva, which is a being in Buddhist tradition that has chosen out of compassion not to ascend to Nirvana, but decided to stay to help all beings reach enlightenment. 

She is most often shown wearing a flowing white dress and holding a jar of pure water in one hand and a willow branch in the other. Other images sometimes show her with a fish basket and two children, one male and one female. These are devotees to her from one of the many legends about her. She is also sometimes depicted as having many heads and arms, sometimes numbering eight or a thousand, depending on the local tradition. She is said to have many heads to hear all the cries of those in need, and many arms to reach out to help all that are in need. 
One of the most popular legends is that she reincarnated as the princess Miaoshan. Her father wanted her to marry a cruel but wealthy man. She said she would agree to this if her could help ease the suffering for the old, the ill and the dying, otherwise she wanted to be a nun. Her father was angry and sent her to a monastery but asked she be given the hardest work. She was so kind that the animals would help her with her chores. This angered her father further and he tried to burn the monastery down. She put the fire out with her bare hands and was not burned. Her father was so afraid he ordered her put to death. Every time the executioner tried to kill her, the weapon would shatter. Realizing that if the executioner could not kill her, he would be punished, She allowed her self to be killed and took on his karmic debt. Because of the debt she was taken to hell, but again her goodness caused music to play, flowers to blossom and many trapped souls to be released. The lord of the underworld was so angered by this, he sent her back to the world of the living. 
Back in the land of the living she went to a place called Fragrant Mountain where she helped others reach enlightenment and eased suffering. Her father then developed an illness of jaundice that no healer could cure. He was told there was a healer on Fragrant Mountain who could cure him. She sacrificed an eye and an arm to create the healing medicine and sent it to him. He then travelled to the mountain to thank this healer. On discovering it was his daughter, he was so moved he begged for her forgiveness. She did and became the goddess with a thousand heads and arms. 

This story for me illustrates how forgiveness can transform negative environments and heal hurts in relationships. Our  positivity and goodness can turn hell into heaven and release the suffering of others. It's a reminder too that we need to stand by what's right for us and speak our truth, even in the face of those who would threaten or try to control us. 

I think compassion for myself is a good place to start, as I can be very critical and hard on myself. I think when we are kinder to ourselves it is easier to be kinder to others and we are also less effected by negativity around us. 

If you would like to find a theme for the year, I encourage you to do the same thing - pull a card if you have a goddess or Angel deck and make this a focus for your year. If you would like a reading done for you, you can head over to my Etsy shop 
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