Sunday, 29 January 2017

Weekly Astrology Jan. 30 - Feb.05

Happy Imbolc to all my pagan friends, and happy Groundhog Day to everyone. Below is the weekly astrology podcast. Let me know what you think of the podcast. What would you like to hear more of? Should it be longer or shorter? Let me know your thoughts.

Goddess Astrology Podcast

Also your weekly tarot report is here too.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Weekly Astrology Jan 23 - 29 2017

This week sees a New Moon at 8 degrees Aquarius. It marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the year of the fire rooster. A new moon in Aquarius invites us to seek out ways to benefit humanity and asks us what role we are willing to take in our society and social groups. Set intentions more making the world wether thats on a global or local level, a better place.
We also see Venus making a square to Saturn, an Mars move into the passionate sign of Aries. Listen below for a full report.

Goddess Astrology Podcast

Below as usual is your tarot reading for the week for your sun sign.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Why I Had to Say F You to my Bullet Journal

Last week I was turned on to bullet journalling by a friend who was showing me her beautiful journal. I was thinking of purchasing a journal as a book of mirrors, to record readings, magical workings, etc. And this seemed like a good fit. I had seen bullet journals before from watching YouTube videos and on Pinterest but hadn't given it a ton of thought. My friend's journal looked very useful and the organized side of me loved the thought of this. 

 A beautiful perfect journal from Pinterest

I went home and researched bullet journals and immediately became excited about all the beautiful layouts and trackers and colourful lists. I followed bullet journal boards on Pinterest and signed up for a bullet journal group on Facebook.  I then went out and bought a journal with grided paper, a ruler and some delightful inky pens, and spent a good part of last weekend making these beautiful lists, a goal diagram, a mood tracker and level 10 life chart etc. Etc. I was so getting into bullet journalling. 

 Except then something weird started to happen. I started to feel anxious while making it. And that's weird because two things that make me calm are being organized, and making art. Wasn't this somewhat creative? Wasn't I being organized? Why was I feeling this way? 

  Then it dawned on me. The point of being organized is to be able to have time to enjoy things. Except now, I was not spending my time doing things, I was spending it trying to record it all perfectly in my bullet journal. I wasn't making art or reading cards, I was trying to draw the perfect bookshelf for a list of books "to read" Except I wasn't going to be able to read them because my bullet journal was demanding I do that instead! Yikes. 

 Plus I already have an awesome day planner that serves me well. It's the Metaphysicians day planner by Benebel Wen and it is amazeballs. It keeps track of things, and is delightfully witchy. It also is more like a loving reminder and not a demanding taskmaster of perfectionism. The day planner's job is to keep me organized and it does its job. I don't really need another organization system. Don't get me wrong, I think the system can work well for some people, I'm just not one of them. 

 Plus wasn't the point of the journal in the first place to be a book of mirrors? I wanted a journal that was more Luna Lovegood and less Professor Umbridge. So I tore out my beautiful perfected pages and threw them out. I decided to give my journal a new start and let it be the magical book it always wanted to be. And no, I did not take photos of the pages. If you want to see beautiful perfect lists of movies to watch and daily habit trackers, you can go on Pinterest.  

This weeks videos feature two lovely decks I received this week - the Modern Spellcasters Tarot and the Viking Oracle. I also have my 31 Days of Tarot video, days 10 - 16

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Crystal of the Month - Sunstone

I'm starting a new feature, where each month I'll talk about a different crystal and it's metaphysical applications. Let me know what you think and if you'd like to see more of these kinds of posts.



Sunstone is a pink to orange coloured stone found in Sweden and Norway and some parts of the United States. It's a feldspar with copper and hematite inclusions, which give it the orange, red brown to pink appearance. It is usually darker in the centre and lighter towards the outside.

Sunstone is a stone of joy and empowerment. It is considered by some to be associated with Ra the Egyptian god of the Sun. It radiates happiness and confidence, and can be used to help ones self esteem. It attracts luck and prosperity and in turn helps one to be more generous to others. It promotes a sense of independence and helps one to feel alive and enthusiastically 


I picked this stone for January, the depths of winter in the northern hemisphere. For those that suffer from SAD it can be a great stone to wear during the winter months to help lift ones spirits and ward off depression. Relatively inexpensive, it can be worn as jewelry or carried in ones purse or in a pocket. Associated with the solar plexus chackra, wearing it as a pendant on a necklace is the ideal placement, but having it anywhere on the body is  beneficial. 

What's your favourite go to crystal for a little bit of a joyful, sunny pick me up? 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

A Snowy and Stormy Week

This week there was a big snowstorm with 70km winds and a temperature of  -40 C with the windchill. I have to say it made me feel a little proud that even in this weather we don't shutdown we just keep on going. 


While it is cold, I do believe in the Nordic saying, "there is no bad weather, only bad clothes". Personally I believe in lots of layers. I wear tights under my jeans, and a t shirt and hoody, or sweater, plus of course a big fuzzy (fake fur) coat, scarf, two layers of mitts and a hat and super warm boots. If my feet get cold, then I'm done. And I limit my time outside in this weather. I like winter, but when it's this cold, I'll limit my outdoor time. These photos were taken from the skywalk that links the buildings in downtown Winnipeg. Most days I walk outside, but on this day I thought it best to walk indoors as much as possible. 


I love the Danish idea of "hygge" of enjoying winter by being cozy. Instead of complaining about how dreadful it may be outside, I prefer to light candles, wear comfy and fuzzy clothes, drink hot beverages and cozy up with a good book or TV show. And when I go outside I dress for it and enjoy the winter beauty. I'm aware a lot of people find this time of year with the darkness depressing, but I personally love it. 


It also makes me very greatful for the modern conveniences we have like central heating and quick heated transportation. It is so much easier to survive the winter in comfort, than it was 100 years ago. 

What are your favourite things about winter? How do you deal with it, if you find the winter challenging?

Below are my videos from this week. I'm participating in the 31 Days of Tarot challenge, and also showed my modifications to my Day Planner. I also have to say I've been turned on to bullet journaling and I may have unleashed a new obsession. But I'll update you all next week on that. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Goddess of the Year - Kuan Yin, Compassion

On the morning of New Year's Day, I pull a card for the year from one of my many deity decks,. It's an important ritual for me as it determines the theme I'll focus on for the year and the god or goddess becomes one of the main deities I work with for the year. So it's a big deal for me. 

I determine which deck by a role of a dice, and then shuffle the deck until a card pops out or flips over. Last year I got Rhiannon from the Goddesses and Sirens deck by Jimmy Manten and Stacey Demarco. It's key phrase was Self Trust - and wow was that ever true for 2016. I really had to confront some of my fears, including going on a TV show to face my driving fears, and having to fly by myself to visit a friend. These things challenged me to develop self trust. 


This year's goddess and theme was again from the Goddesses and Sirens deck by Stacey DeMarco. This time Kuan Yin popped out almost right away. Her key word is "compassion". I have to admit I was a little worried about what the theme for this year would be, as I've been feeling some anxiety for 2017. Seeing this was a welcome message, and a reminder that I need to be kind to myself. 

Kuan Yin Goddess of Mercy
Kuan Yin is a popular goddess throughout China, Japan and Sotheast Asia, and is often known as the Goddess of Mercy, amoung other names. She is a bodisattva, which is a being in Buddhist tradition that has chosen out of compassion not to ascend to Nirvana, but decided to stay to help all beings reach enlightenment. 

She is most often shown wearing a flowing white dress and holding a jar of pure water in one hand and a willow branch in the other. Other images sometimes show her with a fish basket and two children, one male and one female. These are devotees to her from one of the many legends about her. She is also sometimes depicted as having many heads and arms, sometimes numbering eight or a thousand, depending on the local tradition. She is said to have many heads to hear all the cries of those in need, and many arms to reach out to help all that are in need. 
One of the most popular legends is that she reincarnated as the princess Miaoshan. Her father wanted her to marry a cruel but wealthy man. She said she would agree to this if her could help ease the suffering for the old, the ill and the dying, otherwise she wanted to be a nun. Her father was angry and sent her to a monastery but asked she be given the hardest work. She was so kind that the animals would help her with her chores. This angered her father further and he tried to burn the monastery down. She put the fire out with her bare hands and was not burned. Her father was so afraid he ordered her put to death. Every time the executioner tried to kill her, the weapon would shatter. Realizing that if the executioner could not kill her, he would be punished, She allowed her self to be killed and took on his karmic debt. Because of the debt she was taken to hell, but again her goodness caused music to play, flowers to blossom and many trapped souls to be released. The lord of the underworld was so angered by this, he sent her back to the world of the living. 
Back in the land of the living she went to a place called Fragrant Mountain where she helped others reach enlightenment and eased suffering. Her father then developed an illness of jaundice that no healer could cure. He was told there was a healer on Fragrant Mountain who could cure him. She sacrificed an eye and an arm to create the healing medicine and sent it to him. He then travelled to the mountain to thank this healer. On discovering it was his daughter, he was so moved he begged for her forgiveness. She did and became the goddess with a thousand heads and arms. 

This story for me illustrates how forgiveness can transform negative environments and heal hurts in relationships. Our  positivity and goodness can turn hell into heaven and release the suffering of others. It's a reminder too that we need to stand by what's right for us and speak our truth, even in the face of those who would threaten or try to control us. 

I think compassion for myself is a good place to start, as I can be very critical and hard on myself. I think when we are kinder to ourselves it is easier to be kinder to others and we are also less effected by negativity around us. 

If you would like to find a theme for the year, I encourage you to do the same thing - pull a card if you have a goddess or Angel deck and make this a focus for your year. If you would like a reading done for you, you can head over to my Etsy shop 
2017 Theme readings are only $5! I roll the dice and pull from either the Goddess Oracle, Goddess Guidance Oracle, Ascended Masters Deck, Heros and Titans, Goddess and Sirens, and the Mythic Oracle. I then Draw a card to let you know your theme for the year. It's a powerful one card reading, that can help you find a focus for the year. 

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Weekly Astrology January 9 - 15, 2017 Forward Motion

Below is the weekly Goddess Astrology forecast, for the week of January 9 - 15, 2017. Highlights of the week include the Full Moon in Cancer on Thursday January 12th, and Mercury going direct on Sunday January 8th. We also have all major planets in direct motion this week! This is a rarity astrologically and is a great time to really make headway with our projects and plans. this will continue until February 7th, so take advantage of the forward movement over the next month. Details are below in my podcast, so take a listen, and let m know what you think.

Goddess Astrology Podcast

I also recorded the weekly astrology horoscope using the Hermetic Tarot, my January tarot deck, and the Sacred Rebels Oracle. Check out whats in store for your sign this week.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

My Top 5 Goals for 2017

I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday season. I took a little break during the busy Christmas season from blogging, but I'm happy to be back now. I had a wonderful December, it's my favourite time of year. I love the lights, the dark long nights, candles, fresh fallen sow, the food and getting together with friends and family.

It's good too though, to be back to routine, now that the holidays are over. Of course like many, I start the new year with a lot of goals and plans. I promised myself that I would be kind to myself even if I dont do things perfectly. It's about improving, not perfection. Below are my top 5 goals for 2017.

1. Eat healthier and exercise. Okay that's technically two goals, but really my goal is an overall improvement in my self care. I am not denying myself junk food, just being more moderate about it. I'm counting my calories with the app Lose It, which you can get for free in the App Store. I also am bringing healthy lunches to work and drinking juice or green tea instead of pop. For exercise, I get off the bus earlier and so I walk further, and I've been using a Nordic Track for 30 minutes a day. Wether or not I lose weight, I'm trying to see as a side effect. The main goal is to be healthy and feel good. 

2. Make my mental health a priority. For those of you that have known me for a while, it's no secret that I've struggled with anxiety in and off for years. I'll go months being totally fine, and then I'll get hit with anxiety that stops me from living normally. I do manage it with meditation exercise etc. But I knew I needed something more. So I made an appointment with someone my doctor recommended. I'll check it out to see if I like them. I realized I need to put my well being as a top priority. 

3. Positivity. Another goal is to be more positive and to spend more time with positive people. It's easy to get sucked into negativity and fear, especially with what's going on in the world. Its also easy to get sucked into complaining about everyday things. That's why I set the goal to spend more time with people I care about and to emphasize the positive, not the negative. 

4. Konmari my home. I read the books "Spark" and "The Life Changing Magic of Tyding Up" recently and have been inspired to go through my things and throw away or donate what I don't like, and only keep what I love. You start with clothes and then go on to books, and you other items, leaving sentimental stuff for last. I'll update as I get on with the process. I seriously need to weed through my clothes. 

5. More fun. It's easy to get caught up in routines, with work, child care, chores etc. One can get so busy "adulting" that we forget to have a little fun, and take a break. So far I've bought tickets to a concert later this year, and booked myself vacation time. It's important to schedule your fun. 

To make all this easier I ordered a planner from which was just what I needed. My initial walk through is below. I've since personalized it and made it more colourful. I'll be doing an update video of it this week. 

What are your top 5 goals for 2017?

Sunday, 1 January 2017

It's Back - Your Weekly Tarot and Astrology Forecast

Now that the holiday season is wrapping up, I decided it was time to get back to my goal of weekly forecasts. I'm starting a weekly podcast of the weekly astrology weather. This is a new thing I'm doing, so let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your feedback.

You can hear it by clicking on the link, or by going to and looking for my channel Wild Intuitive. You can follow me there.

I also am back to making my weekly tarot horoscope videos. My decks for January are the Hermetic Tarot and the Oracle of Shadows and Light.

I hope your 2016 was a good one, and I wish everyone all the best in 2017.