Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Goddess of the Year - Kuan Yin, Compassion

On the morning of New Year's Day, I pull a card for the year from one of my many deity decks,. It's an important ritual for me as it determines the theme I'll focus on for the year and the god or goddess becomes one of the main deities I work with for the year. So it's a big deal for me. 

I determine which deck by a role of a dice, and then shuffle the deck until a card pops out or flips over. Last year I got Rhiannon from the Goddesses and Sirens deck by Jimmy Manten and Stacey Demarco. It's key phrase was Self Trust - and wow was that ever true for 2016. I really had to confront some of my fears, including going on a TV show to face my driving fears, and having to fly by myself to visit a friend. These things challenged me to develop self trust. 


This year's goddess and theme was again from the Goddesses and Sirens deck by Stacey DeMarco. This time Kuan Yin popped out almost right away. Her key word is "compassion". I have to admit I was a little worried about what the theme for this year would be, as I've been feeling some anxiety for 2017. Seeing this was a welcome message, and a reminder that I need to be kind to myself. 

Kuan Yin Goddess of Mercy
Kuan Yin is a popular goddess throughout China, Japan and Sotheast Asia, and is often known as the Goddess of Mercy, amoung other names. She is a bodisattva, which is a being in Buddhist tradition that has chosen out of compassion not to ascend to Nirvana, but decided to stay to help all beings reach enlightenment. 

She is most often shown wearing a flowing white dress and holding a jar of pure water in one hand and a willow branch in the other. Other images sometimes show her with a fish basket and two children, one male and one female. These are devotees to her from one of the many legends about her. She is also sometimes depicted as having many heads and arms, sometimes numbering eight or a thousand, depending on the local tradition. She is said to have many heads to hear all the cries of those in need, and many arms to reach out to help all that are in need. 
One of the most popular legends is that she reincarnated as the princess Miaoshan. Her father wanted her to marry a cruel but wealthy man. She said she would agree to this if her could help ease the suffering for the old, the ill and the dying, otherwise she wanted to be a nun. Her father was angry and sent her to a monastery but asked she be given the hardest work. She was so kind that the animals would help her with her chores. This angered her father further and he tried to burn the monastery down. She put the fire out with her bare hands and was not burned. Her father was so afraid he ordered her put to death. Every time the executioner tried to kill her, the weapon would shatter. Realizing that if the executioner could not kill her, he would be punished, She allowed her self to be killed and took on his karmic debt. Because of the debt she was taken to hell, but again her goodness caused music to play, flowers to blossom and many trapped souls to be released. The lord of the underworld was so angered by this, he sent her back to the world of the living. 
Back in the land of the living she went to a place called Fragrant Mountain where she helped others reach enlightenment and eased suffering. Her father then developed an illness of jaundice that no healer could cure. He was told there was a healer on Fragrant Mountain who could cure him. She sacrificed an eye and an arm to create the healing medicine and sent it to him. He then travelled to the mountain to thank this healer. On discovering it was his daughter, he was so moved he begged for her forgiveness. She did and became the goddess with a thousand heads and arms. 

This story for me illustrates how forgiveness can transform negative environments and heal hurts in relationships. Our  positivity and goodness can turn hell into heaven and release the suffering of others. It's a reminder too that we need to stand by what's right for us and speak our truth, even in the face of those who would threaten or try to control us. 

I think compassion for myself is a good place to start, as I can be very critical and hard on myself. I think when we are kinder to ourselves it is easier to be kinder to others and we are also less effected by negativity around us. 

If you would like to find a theme for the year, I encourage you to do the same thing - pull a card if you have a goddess or Angel deck and make this a focus for your year. If you would like a reading done for you, you can head over to my Etsy shop 
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  1. I hope I'm very big on compassion for people and animals. I hope others will be compassionate to me too, this year.