Saturday, 21 January 2017

Why I Had to Say F You to my Bullet Journal

Last week I was turned on to bullet journalling by a friend who was showing me her beautiful journal. I was thinking of purchasing a journal as a book of mirrors, to record readings, magical workings, etc. And this seemed like a good fit. I had seen bullet journals before from watching YouTube videos and on Pinterest but hadn't given it a ton of thought. My friend's journal looked very useful and the organized side of me loved the thought of this. 

 A beautiful perfect journal from Pinterest

I went home and researched bullet journals and immediately became excited about all the beautiful layouts and trackers and colourful lists. I followed bullet journal boards on Pinterest and signed up for a bullet journal group on Facebook.  I then went out and bought a journal with grided paper, a ruler and some delightful inky pens, and spent a good part of last weekend making these beautiful lists, a goal diagram, a mood tracker and level 10 life chart etc. Etc. I was so getting into bullet journalling. 

 Except then something weird started to happen. I started to feel anxious while making it. And that's weird because two things that make me calm are being organized, and making art. Wasn't this somewhat creative? Wasn't I being organized? Why was I feeling this way? 

  Then it dawned on me. The point of being organized is to be able to have time to enjoy things. Except now, I was not spending my time doing things, I was spending it trying to record it all perfectly in my bullet journal. I wasn't making art or reading cards, I was trying to draw the perfect bookshelf for a list of books "to read" Except I wasn't going to be able to read them because my bullet journal was demanding I do that instead! Yikes. 

 Plus I already have an awesome day planner that serves me well. It's the Metaphysicians day planner by Benebel Wen and it is amazeballs. It keeps track of things, and is delightfully witchy. It also is more like a loving reminder and not a demanding taskmaster of perfectionism. The day planner's job is to keep me organized and it does its job. I don't really need another organization system. Don't get me wrong, I think the system can work well for some people, I'm just not one of them. 

 Plus wasn't the point of the journal in the first place to be a book of mirrors? I wanted a journal that was more Luna Lovegood and less Professor Umbridge. So I tore out my beautiful perfected pages and threw them out. I decided to give my journal a new start and let it be the magical book it always wanted to be. And no, I did not take photos of the pages. If you want to see beautiful perfect lists of movies to watch and daily habit trackers, you can go on Pinterest.  

This weeks videos feature two lovely decks I received this week - the Modern Spellcasters Tarot and the Viking Oracle. I also have my 31 Days of Tarot video, days 10 - 16

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