Thursday, 2 February 2017

February Relationship Spread

I will be featuring a different spread each month this year, and for February, I thought a relationship reading would be ideal. Yes it can be used for romantic ones, after all it is the month of hearts, flowers, candy and chocolates. However, it can be used to analyze any relationships, from business partnership, to friends and family members. 


You can try this out for yourself, or if you would like a reading from me, you can check out my 
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1. How you see yourself in the relationship
2. How the other person sees themselves
3. How you see them
4. How they see you
5. What are your expectations for this partnership?
6. What are their expectations?
7. Your challenges
8. Their challenges
9. The gifts you bring to this partnership
10. The gifts they bring
11. The lessons you are learning right now in your partnership
12. The lessons they are learning.
13. What brings harmony to the relationship.
14. Outcome/future

If you would like to check out a quick example, check out the video below. 

Let me know how this Spread has worked for you? 

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