Sunday, 5 February 2017

Lunar Eclipse in Leo - Illumination by Fire

On Friday February 10, 2107, there will be a not only a full moon in Leo, but also a lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses are a time of illuminating and revealing. They bring to light what has been hidden and force us to face issues. This can bring insight and illumination for some, and a slap in the face for those that may have not wanted to look at certain things, or wanted to hide away from issues. Hopefully, if we have been doing the work we need to do in our lives, it will bring us an aha moment.

 If you want to know how this will play out in your chart, look to which house Leo rules, or more precisely where 22 degrees Leo is in your chart and it will tell you where this insight and illumination will occur. Also look to see if it is aspecting any of your natal planets, and this will give you additional insight as to how it will affect you personally. For me it is especially auspicious, as my natal Sun is at 22 degrees Leo. As it is in my tenth house, I am expecting an insight in relation to my career, and my sense of self.

 Full Moon in Leo
Full moons occur when the sun and moon are in opposition to each other. The sun in Aquarius makes us idealistic, optimistic, and forward moving. We want to try new things, be innovative and do what is best for humanity. Leo is more self focused, and with the Moon in Leo, we want to have a good time, stroke our egos, and express ourselves. Full moons ask us to integrate these energies. We need to find a way to express or creativity, while also working for the best of humanity. Given the political climate right now, we need to be creative and positive in our approach to moving things forward. Respect for the individual and looking after whats best for all need to be balanced harmoniously.

Grand Fire Trine 
The Moon in Leo forms a trine with Uranus, the planet of sudden and shocking events in Aries. Uranus also brings us inspiration and flashes of insight. In fiery Aries, the results are more often more shocking, and there are more impulsive and aggressive energies about. He can also spur us on to make big changes and new starts in our lives. He is being tempered by Saturn in Sagittarius, which is trine to Uranus, and the Moon. Saturn asks us to examine our philosophies and beliefs. He asks us to examine things before we rush off with a rash new idea. With them making a trine, there are opportunities for something to be illuminated in a shocking way, that will make us examine our beliefs and structures. The Sun is sextile Uranus and Saturn, showing there is an opportunity in these events to make changes in our own lives for the better.

Jupiter Opposite Uranus
Jupiter goes retrograde on Monday, before the full moon. The planet of expansion slows down and so does our ability to expand. Things don't come as easy, and we have to work harder to get things done. As he is opposite Uranus, this means that sudden events are challenging us to grow and work together. Jupiter in Libra wants harmony and togetherness, while Uranus in Aries wants change, action and to shake things up. This full moon we are asked to try to get these different aspects to work together.

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