Saturday, 25 February 2017

You Cannot be Lightworker and Play Heavy Metal?

There is a prevailing notion in the new age spiritual community that hard rock or metal music is not spiritual. That in order to be a bona fide psychic/healer/lightworker etc. One must be all kittens rainbows and sparkles at all times. Break out the new age relaxation tunes, or maybe  a little Celtic folk music, or nature sounds, or even some bright happy pop, but heaven forbid you dust off Metallica's "And Justice for All". Now don't get me wrong, I like glittery rainbow kittens, as much as the next person. In fact most people who know me are aware of my love for magical unicorns. But that is just one small part of me.

Usually though when people in the psychic community have found out what sort of music I listen to, or that I've played in metal or punk type bands, the reactions range from surprise to outright disapproval. I once had someone tell me that heavier music was a lower vibration and that it attracts negative energy. Thus if I wanted to be a manifester of positivity, and develop as a psychic, I aught not to be listening to it, never mind playing it. 

 I hate to admit it, but their ideas did seep in. After all didn't I want to be a positive lightworker? Didn't I want to manifest with joy and affirmations and sparkly crystals? Didn't I want to be taken seriously as an Intuitive helping people reach their creative potential? And of course I do. I like helping people to see the possibilities available to them, and helping them get to get creatively unstuck.

One rainbow unicorn kitten coming up.

But there was a problem. In my desire to help others, I shut down a powerful source of my own creative energy. By not creating myself, or acknowledging something I love, I had cut off an important part of me. There is a saying that what you resist persists, and it is true. After not playing guitar or listening to my favourite music (or much of any music frankly) for quite a while, it took its toll. First I got depressed. Then I had a hard time finding inspiration for drawing or writing. Listlessness and anxiety set in. I went to visit my bestie who asked me if I still liked Axl Rose and in a bid to sound like a sensible person, I actually said I was over it. Then the strange dreams started - Tornadoes of fire, and being buried alive amongst others. 

Then the eclipse happened and it punched me in the face metaphorically.  I was off for a week and instead of having fun I was struck with a terrible stomach flu. Then my step daughter came home one day having developed a sudden interest in my favourite band. I was dissapointed that I didn't get to introduce them to her, that her step father had instead. Lying on the couch nauseous while my 9 year old insisted on loudly singing along to Paradise City, it struck me - Stop being someone else idea of an adult. You can't help people be creative if you don't acknowledge your own. To help people be themselves you have to be yourself - your whole self. 

 Anger, rebellion and sex, some of the driving forces behind metal and hard rock are not inherently negative. The idea that they are is largely a puritanical concept. Like anything else, run amuck they can be destructive. Anger let's us know when a boundary has been crossed, or when a change needs to happen. Rebellion can be good because authority needs to be questioned at times. And let's face it - none of us would be here without sex. Too many of us have unhealthy ideas and hang ups in this area anyway. 

So to those who say it's lower vibration, that's fine, that's their opinion. It's not everyone's cup of tea and that's okay. But it's mine and I have to keep drinking it to stay sane. Oh and too my bestie - I'm sorry I lied. I'm so not over it.
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