Saturday, 25 March 2017

My Top 10 Favourite Podcasts

A few years ago I got sucked into listening to podcasts. I'd of course heard of them, but didn't really think it was my thing. I assumed it was like boring radio talk shows, the kind one's parents listened to back before the internet, where people either quietly discuss such exciting topics as the national deficit, or call in to complain about potholes and the dangers of young people. Then I found that podcasts covered so much more!

I initially started to listen to pagan and witchcraft type podcasts, and then moved on to other kinds, including mainstream CBC ones. As of now, my podcast subscriptions are a mix of new age, tarot, astrology and creative type subjects. Here below are a list of my current top ten in no particular order.

1.Psychic Teachers 
This podcast features two gifted intuitives, Samantha Fey and Deb Bowen. One is Catholic and the other pagan, giving each a different perspective on the spiritual. They cover such topics as psychic development, spirit guides, chakras, and tarot cards to name a few. It's broad enough that no matter whether you are just starting to embrace all things woo woo, or are a seasoned metaphysician, you can learn something from this positive and entertaining podcast.

2.Anne Ortelee Weekly Weather Astrology
A professional astrologist for over 20 years, Anne Ortelee uploads a weekly astrology weather report. Its a great way to learn what's going on  astrologically for the week, and to learn a little bit about the planets and aspects along the way.

3. Hippie Witch
If you are into manifesting, and enjoy all things witchy and mystical, you'll enjoy Joanna's lighthearted and positive podcast. She speaks to various people in the witchcraft and new age community about current topics and how to manifest all good things and improve your life.

4. Biddy Tarot
If you love tarot, you are probably  aware of Biddy tarot. Her podcast has some fascinating interviews with those in the tarot community including authors and artists. She also talks about working with the tarot and ways to develop your tarot business.

5.Being Boss
Speaking of tarot business, while not specifically for spiritual businesses, this podcast is a great resource for creative entrepreneurs.  Kathleen and Emily are funny, informative and inspiring. Anyone looking at starting up or developing a business will enjoy this.

6.Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
If you are spiritual and love Harry Potter, you will enjoy this podcast. Two humanist chaplains go through a chapter each week  and discuss the chapter through themes such as isolation, betrayal, pride etc. You don't have to be from a particular religion, or any religion at all to get something out of this program. It made me really think about the Harry Potter books at a deeper level.

7.The Unexplained
In the mood for something spooky?  This podcast has great ghost, UFO and other paranormal stories. It will give you chills and get you to question the nature of consensus reality. The host has a great voice and is an excellent storyteller. This combined with the background music, makes for riveting listening.

8.The Mythology Podcast
I don't think the author is adding new episodes to this podcast. At least, the last one was uploaded Halloween 2016. Still I think this is a good podcast to go through if you like folklore and mythology. The host takes themes like creation stories, tricksters, plant mythology etc. and draws comparison cross culturally. I also like that he covers lesser known mythologies and stories from around the world.

9,Eddie Trunk Podcast
One of these things is not like the others... This podcast on my list and is not spiritual or creative biz like. If you like hard rock and metal music, you'll like this one. Eddie Trunk was the host of the VH1 show "that Metal Show" which ran until 2015. Now he interviews musicians on his radio show and takes the best ones from the week, and makes a podcast out of it. My only complaint is there are too many ads and plugs, but I skip past them to get to the interviews.

10.Goddess Astrology
I'm going to plug my astrology soundcloud. I upload it once weekly (usually), to let people know the astrology weather including the major asteroids, many of which represent feminine goddess energy. I hope people can learn something along the way about astrology as well.

These are the podcasts I'm listening to right now and enjoying. I hope maybe you can find one or two on this list that you will enjoy too. Let me know what ones you are enjoying too.

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