Sunday, 26 March 2017

New Moon in Aries - Winds of Change

On Monday March 27 at 10:57pm EDT there is a New Moon at 7 degrees Aries. A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct with each other. It is a great time for new starts, as our conscious and rational side (the Sun) and our subconscious and emotional side (the Moon) are working together. In Aries, we are fiery, enthusiastic and inspired with a clear vision. We want to protect whats ours and we go after our goals with renewed energy. Look at where 7 degrees Aries is in your chart, to see where you can put this fiery focused energy to best use.

The Aries energy is strong at this New Moon, as Mercury, Venus, and Uranus are all in this sign.This can lead to a lot of fiery communication, and hot romantic encounters, but also sudden changes, accidents and shocking events. With the Uranus and Mercury conjunction, be prepared for sudden revelations that can take you by surprise. Both these planets are opposite Juptier in Libra, showing that these changes are opposed by those wanting to hold on to the old order, and that it may be disruptive to our sense of harmony.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is "A Large Woman's Hat With Streamers Blown by an East Wind." This means that the winds of change are coming. The East wind represents new ideas and disruptions that bring change and new life. We can think of this hat as the traditional Easter bonnet associated with Spring and new life. Changes that come now while initially disruptive, will lead to ferment and growth.

The most prominent aspect of this New Moon is the conjunction with Venus retrograde in Aries. Venus in Aries is fiery and passionate, and very assertive. In retrograde, we are asked to focus on self love rather than outward romance. We are asked to take steps towards self love, to set boundaries and be assertive on behalf of our self.

Another aspect in play is Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn. When Mars is in Taurus his energy slows down and he asks us to focuses on the long term. He feels more defensive, than active.  There are opportunities for change and transformation now, but there are those who will resist. We must think about the long term goal, and examine any aspect of yourself that is resisting changes. This is further reinforced by Jupiter in Libra square Pluto. We resist changes because it will upset our sense of harmony, and we don't want to be forced to step outside our comfort zone.

This New Moon, don't be thrown off by the changes going on around you. They are happening for a reason. They are getting us to grow and preparing us for further transformation. Focus on self love and care during this time, and you will best prepared for any changes ahead.

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