Friday, 14 April 2017

Retrograde Season - Time to Review and Recharge

This week will have four planets in retrograde, and a fifth that has just moved out of retrograde and started going direct today. I thought It would be a good time to talk about retrogrades and what they mean for us.

Mercury Retrograde
Probably the most famous of the retrogrades. Mercury is in charge of communication and travel. When this planet appears to go backwards it can cause all sorts of annoyances and delays in these areas. Travel delays and cancellations, losing our keys, and misplaced tickets can all upset our plans. Make sure to leave lots of extra when you travel during a retrograde. Communication mistakes can also happen, so make sure you are being clear and if you hear anything that doesn't sound right, double check it. Look carefully at all contracts and paperwork during this time. 
Be aware too that communication devices like phones, and computers are more likely to breakdown now. So back up all your files.
On the bright side, it's a great time to review things especially any writing or communications you've been working on. Don't start a new project in this area, but it's a great time to edit and revise. It's also a time where you are more likely to find lost objects. 
Mercury retrograde ends May 3, 2017.

Venus Retrograde
Venus moves out of retrograde today April 16, 2017, but I think it's worth a recap anyway. Venus is the planet of romantic relationships, and beauty. When she moves into retrograde don't change your hairstyle or your wardrobe, or redecorate your house. When you get out of the retrograde, you'll wonder what you were thinking. 
It is a great  time to review past relationships, and examine what you've learned from them. You are also more likely to run into former lovers.

Jupiter Retrograde
Jupiter retrograde started on February 6,  and ends on June 9, 2017. Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion. When he moves into retrograde, our progress is slowed down. Things that came easy to us suddenly don't come so easy. It's a time to asses our progress towards our goals over the past few months. It's also a time where we may experience some unexpected luck, and a good time to go on a diet.

Saturn Retrograde
From April 6 to August 25, 2017 Saturn is in retrograde. Saturn is the planet in charge of areas where we need to work hard, where we are restricted, and our karma. When he goes in to retro, we feel an easing of some of the restrictions and rules around us, but we may also lack self discipline. We need to review what we've been working towards and make sure we are standing strong in our discipline. It's also a time when karma comes to call. Wether we've been giving out positive or negative energy, it will come back to us at this time. 

Pluto Retrograde
Pluto is the slowest moving of the planets and is in retrograde from April 20 to September 28, 2017. Pluto is the planet of transformation and death. When in retrograde we are asked to examine our ability to self sabotage and our self destructive tendencies. Where are we working against ourselves? Is greed, anger or ego getting the best of us?

In short retrogrades are a time to slow down and do some self examination. What are your thoughts on retrogrades?

The Devil Card - or Letting Fear Take Charge

This week I was inspired to write about the Devil card in the tarot. This was brought on by a video I made earlier this week talking about celebrated new age author Doreen Virtue's decision to become a born again Christian (I'll link the video below). Actually it wasn't the video itself, or even this authors decision that inspired me - more the reaction of a minority who responded to me with judgement and fear.
I'd like to say that the overwhelming response has been positive, and supportive, and it's comforting to know I'm not alone in my feelings. I did have a small number tell me that I'm in danger from "demons and dark forces" etc. While I find that point of view rather saddening, it did inspire me to write about one of the most misunderstood cards in the tarot. 


The Devil is number 15 in the Trump cards, or Major Arcana, coming after Temperance and before the Tower. The Rider Waite deck shows a classic Devil half man/half goat figure with a reversed pentagram on his forehead and a male and female figure bound by chains. 

The image looks scary and often causes concern when it comes up in a reading. If you look closer though, you will see that the chains are loose and the figures could easily take them off and walk away. 

When this card comes up in a reading, it points to anything that is controlling or manipulating us. This could be someone who is playing on our sense of guilt or fears, to an addiction to outright abuse. Anything where we have given over our power to someone or something else and are too blinded to see that we can walk away. 

The card also points to putting the physical above the spiritual, as shown by the reverse pentagram and animal aspects in the figures. This is not always a bad thing, depending on the reading, but at times it means we've become too materialistic and focused on the physical.

Sometimes we might be allowing another person to play on our insecurities or sense of duty towards them. Rather than distancing ourselves  or confronting them, we think we have no choice to give in to their demands or we think it's easier than having that confrontation. 

Other times it points to an addiction, anything from drug and alcohol abuse to workaholism. Again we are giving our power to something else and allowing it to take over our lives. 

Sometimes it's an actual abusive situation. We may be being emotionally or physically abused by someone and need to get away. Often these sort of people will make their victim feel that they cannot get away and that they are trapped. 

What all these situations lead back to fear. Fear is what traps people in bad relationships, addictions, and over reliance on the material world. It can be fear of further abuse, being abandoned or fear of self examination. Whatever it is, fear blinds us to seeing that there is a way out.

Which leads me back to the "hell and damnation" commentators. I firmly believe that any religion or philosophy that uses fear to control people is embodying the Devil card. There is an irony in this as many of these sorts of people believe they are doing "Gods work" by judging others and trying to frighten them into their philosophy. They are afraid of anyone that believes something different from them, and must have others validate their beliefs. I find that those I've run into who are like this have often been frightened by someone else in the past and are just passing this fear on to others. 

As I said in my video, if your philosophy or religion is leading you to be a loving and kind to others  - thats awesome. I don't want to pick on any particular religion,  because I know all sorts of Christians, pagans, aethiests etc who embody compassion and positive energy. And I'm all for whatever helps someone be a better person. If your brand of spirituality though is making you judge, fear, or hate others, then that's the Devil, and remember you can always take off the chains and walk away.

What are your thoughts on the Devil card in the tarot? Do you dread it coming up? How do you interpret it?

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Full moon in Libra - Resisting Change

This week we have a full moon in the sign of Libra, on Tuesday April 11 at 2:08am EDT. Full moons occur when the sun is opposite the moon. The sun is in the fiery and active sign of Aries, and the moon is in the airy and balanced sign of Libra. Full moons are a time of culmination and release. Whatever goals we set at the new moon, we will start to see some results. It also is a time when it is good to express gratitude and to release any worries or fears. The sun opposite the moon shows a conflict between our ego and will, and our emotional needs, particularly between our egos desire to be independent (Aries) and our emotional need for partnership (Libra). We must each find a way to reconcile this and strike a balance that works for us.

From the Oracle of the Radiant Sun

Sabian Symbol
This full moon is at 21degrees Libra. Look at where that point is in your birth chart to see what area you should focus your energies. The Sabian symbol for this degree is "A Crowd on a Beach". This alludes to that this is a time to work together with others and to think of the collective. Beaches are a liminal space, marking the boundaries between land and water, showing that collectively we are working towards transformation and an awareness of the need to work together. Think collectively and pay attention to messages from the subconscious this full moon.

Full Moon Aspects
Moon Conjunct Jupiter (retrograde)
This full moon is conjunct Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck. We will be feeling quite emotional and generous at this time and may push ourselves to promise too much to others. With Jupiter in retrograde, we are asked to reflect first before we make any promises to others. There may be some unexpected strokes of good luck too, especially for Libras, Leos, Sagittarius, Geminis and Aquarius.

Moon Opposite Uranus
The moon is opposite the planet of inspiration, insights and sudden events. Watch for surprises and insights that may catch you off guard and emotionally upset you. The things that are revealed at this time have important messages for you, for your growth.

Moon Square Pluto
We emotionally resist change by trying to manipulate or control others. Do not try to emotionally or sexually manipulate others or succumb to it yourself. This will only backfire on us. We cannot stop change, only move with it.

Sun Opposite Jupiter (retrograde)
The Sun is opposite expansive Jupiter. This leads to restlessness, as we may feel that we are not moving fast enough. We may try to push things too fast and get frustrated when things aren't happening in the time that we want. We must remember that the Universe doesn't work in the time frame we demand.

Sun Conjunct Uranus
While we may find sudden events upsetting to our sense of equilibrium, but they are asking us to grow and expand. What we think is a bad turn of events, turns out to actually work in your favour. Look to where 21 - 24 degrees Aries is in your chart to find out where this will occur in your life.

Sun Square Pluto
Like moon square Pluto, we may have trouble this full moon, not just emotionally, but on an ego level dealing with loss and change around us. We may take personally things that others do or events that are out of our control.

Retrograde Planets
This full moon there are four planets in retrograde. Mercury goes into retrograde on April 9th, in the sign of Taurus. Expect that mechanical and communication items or computers may break down, as this retrograde will manifest itself more physically as it is in an Earth sign. Mercury retrograde is a great time to revise and re-look at things. Its also a great time to sort through items and rediscover what you may have lost.
Venus is in retrograde in Pisces and will go direct on April 15. This is a time to look back on past relationships and to learn from them. It is not a good time to change your hairstyle, or wardrobe.
 Saturn and Jupiter retrogrades are more subtle. Saturn retrograde lifts some of the restrictions we may of been under, but it can lead us to be complacent. While Jupiter retrogrades mean that the progress we have made growing and expanding becomes slower and even stalled. It is a great time to go on a diet though.
Overall these planets in retrograde ask us to take time to reflect. Rather than moving forward, look back at the progress you have made since December, and reflect on how you can revise things, and where you want to go from here.


Saturday, 8 April 2017

Uranus Opposition - When the Universe Slaps Your Face (Also Called a Mid Life Crisis)

There's a thing that happens to many people in their early 40's, called the Uranus Opposition. Usually called a mid-life crisis, it hits us anywhere from age 40 - 44. Uranus the planet ruling sudden changes, inspiration and insights, it takes about 80 years to make it all the way back around the zodiac to the point when you were born. When you get into your early 40s it will hit a point exactly opposite where it is in your birth chart. This is the Uranus opposition. It is a wake up call from the god of lightning, sudden changes, and depending on how you have been living out the previous years, it can hit you hard or it may just refocus and reinvigorate you.

Image result for lightning

We've all known or heard of people who in their early 40s suddenly leave their marriage, change jobs, get a tattoo or sell everything and move to Bora Bora. When it happens you know that the Uranus Opposition has hit them hard. Uranus in our chart shows us where we are unique and different from others. Got Uranus in the first house (like me)? You will dress and look different with your own unique style. In the fourth house - your home and family will be quite different. Got it in the the 10th house - you will have a unique and strange career path to others.

When we hit the Uranus opposition, he comes calling to ask us if we've been living up to the unique path he has set for us. How have we used that gift? Have we embraced it? Or have we tried to deny and squash it in an effort to conform to others' expectations. If we have not owned our quirks and accepted ourselves, he will hit us hard. This is when some people wake up and realize that they have not been living there's souls calling. That they have caged their wildness, put a beige suit on it and expected it to perform for others. Many see this as their last chance to get on with the business of following the path of their soul.

A funny thing happens in your early 40s - you stop giving a damn so much about what others think. Instead of conforming to the expectations of others, you are more likely to say "screw it" and do what you want. This is Uranus coming to call at the half wayish point of your life. You are not a kid anymore, but you are not old either. What are you going to do with the next half or so of your life (personally I expect to live to 100, so its not quite halfway for me I hope)? Depending on how true you have been to yourself you may have to make minor adjustments or major ones to course correct. If you have to make major ones, be prepared for the shock you may give others. Then again you can just ignore it, and many people do, and guarantee that your next 40 - 50 years (or whatever you have) will be miserable.

Personally I have not found this point too difficult. I'm in a great relationship and feel no urge to run away and join the circus. I did also have an eclipse on my natal sun recently (another subject for anther day) which combined did give me a bit of a slap in the face from the Universe. It said - "get on with creating things, because if you don't  I will give you an breakdown. And don't worry what others think, like what you like, say what you need to say, and be who you are." So not too terrible, so far. Then again I never had much trouble with being different.