Sunday, 7 May 2017

Astorlogy Weather May 8 - 14th, 2017 - A Cosmic Shift

I thought I would try something new and write a weekly post on the astrological weather for the week. Please let me know what you think, your feedback is appreciated.

Full Moon in Scorpio 
There is a full moon on Wednesday, May 10th, at 4:42pm Central. This also occurs right as the moon goes void, so it is not making any major aspects, except for two - one being opposite the sun, which defines a full moon. The Taurus sun shows that we have been focusing on the physical realm of comfort. Everything from food, to acquiring possessions, to making our environments more comfortable and beautiful, have been a focus during sun in Taurus. The moon in Scorpio asks us to focus on how we use our power, and on spiritual transformation. The full moon asks us to reconcile our desire for outward appearances and for comfort, with the inner need to transform through spirituality and even sexuality. It also has a sextile to Pluto, which shows that this full moon is a time when there is an opportunity to transform through letting go of what no longer serves us. It might be time to let go of the past and say goodbye to relationships that dont work, or habits that are holding you back. Look to see where 20 degrees Scorpio is in your chart to know where the desire to change and let go occurs for you.
Twenty degrees Scorpio's Sabian Symbol is "A woman drawing apart two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway". Don't be surprised if spiritual insights and inspiration hit you during this full moon. What was hidden from you now seems obvious. you wonder how you missed it, and have aopportunity to walk a different path and make changes at this time.

The Nodes are Changing Signs
The North Node represents where we are asked to grow and expand. It encourages us to step out of our comfort zone, and try something new. While the South Node is our old patterns, and where we feel comfortable, but where we may stagnate. On May 10th the Nodes move from Pisces/Virgo to Leo/Aquarius. The north node in Leo encourages us to all find our unique way to shine and stand out from the crowd. How can we use our individuality and creativity to make the world a better place? Avoid identifying too much with a particular group as this will not help you. you must have the courage to put yourself forward instead of hiding behind a cause. You are being asked to lead rather than follow. Look to where these signs are in your chart for clues as to where you are being asked to exercise your leadership skills.

Daily Forecast
Monday May 8
Monday the moon goes into void at 5:59pm Central. Take it easy and don't make any big changes at this time. monday should be a relaxing day without any major changes or challenges.
Tuesday May 9
The moon moves into Scorpio at 12:01am Central. feelings can get intense today. We feel powerful and sexy and want to make changes in our lives. Themes of spirituality and sexuality come up for many of us today.
The sun also makes a trine with Pluto today. There is an opportunity for us to change something and to transform our lives today. look for changes and a possible ending that leads to opportunities.
Wednesday May 10
Wednesday is going to be a big day as we have the full moon and the nodes changing signs. Our focus shifts and we are asked to be more creative(see above headlines). Many of us have felt the shift for a few weeks leading up to this transformation on a global scale.
Mercury makes a conjunction with Uranus today, so expect to hear some suprising news. Look to where 25 degrees Aries is in your chart to see where you can expect this news to arrive.
Thursday May 11
The moon moves into fun loving Sagittarius at midnight, and stays in this sign unti Saturday. We long for adventure, excitement and to have some fun. People will also be focused on the big picture and are open to discussing big ideas like philosophy and religion.
Mercury makes a trine with Saturn today, so there are opportunities to use these discussions in a constructive way to make plans for the future.  Its not all just big ideas without a sense of grounding. Saturn will help us to get organized and start making plans.
Mars forms a square with Neptune today too, so don't be surprised if someone tries to pop your bubble and wet blanket you. You may worry your ideas are too big, and not realistic, especially if challenged. Dont let this discourage you, instead find a way to make your plans become reality.
Friday May 12 and Saturday May 13
The moon is still in Sagittarius, so Friday and Saturday are good days for socializing and having fun. Mars is forming a trine with Jupiter, so we feel more optimistic and are driven to expand our horizons and take risks. The only danger today is that we may over promise and bight off more than we can realistically chew.
Saturday at 9:14pm Central the moon moves into void, so expect a relaxing evening after an energized past couple of days.
Sunday May 14
The moon moves into Capricorn at 12:37am Central. Sunday we feel more serious and are more likely to buckle down and get some work done. Its a great day for family and traditional gatherings, doing work or homework, and doing household chores.
Mars is sextile Pallas Athena today. There is an opportunity to exercise our intellect and to strategize towards the future. We are driven to stand up for justice and may find ourselves in intellectual debates today.

The Asteroids
Juno goes into retrograde, in Capricorn, on Tuesday May 9th.  During this time we are asked to review our partnerships particularly when it comes to work and career. Are these partnerships serving us, and how can we re-organize them to something better. We may also run into old work colleagues and may be asked to look at the division of power and work in our romantic partnerships.
This week Lilith forms a square with Pluto. Some of the changes going on around us may lead us to rebel and act out. We can either use this energy to be self destructive, or we can use it to constructively speak out and make changes in our own lives.
Iris is the asteroid in charge of our intuition, she is how we hear messages from the gods. This week she forms a sextile to Lilith and the sun, as well as a square with Eris. Look to the areas where you feel that change is uncomfortable. You may find some of the news and information you are hearing around you to be disturbing. This is where our intuition needs to be headed rather than a knee jerk reaction. Take time to look within for answers.
Fortuna is in charge of luck. This week she is active with a sextile to Iris, a trine with Pluto, and Juno and a conjunction with the sun. She advises us that many of the changes and partnerships reassessments going on will actually turn out to be quite fortuitous. Even any upsetting or shocking news that we may hear this week, will turn out to be for the best.
Persephone is where we are afraid of change and where we may experience fear or depression, but also where we are asked to go within. She makes a square with Pallas and Jupiter this week. We may fear examining things on a deep level because we are afraid of what we will find. We also fear expanding and growing this week. We fear taking the opportunities and risks set in front of us. She also has a trine with Neptune giving us opportunities to explore our fears through dreams and fantasy. Avoid using drugs or alcohol to escape.
Hygeia is the asteroid in charge of health. She goes retrograde on Tuesday May 12th, showing that old health issues may arise to be revisited. Especially ones in regards to bones, teeth or skin issues. She forms an opposition to Persephone, reminding us not to get afraid or overwhelmed when these issues re-appear. She forms a square with Pallas and Jupiter, showing we may be resistant to reason or to trying new techniques to relieve these issues. We overreact, but resist making changes to make the issue better. There is a sextile with Neptune, suggesting dreams may hold clues, or that spending time near or in water will help our health.
Hekate, the asteroid of witchcraft and magick makes a sextile with Pallas. There is an opportunity for us to pursue academic and intellectual studies in this area, or have very intellectual discussion s in this field this week. 




  1. I loved the astrological weather for each day and found it synchronous with what is going on with me relating to letting go of the old and moving forward creatively.

  2. I loved the astrological weather for each day and found it synchronous with what is going on with me relating to letting go of the old and moving forward creatively.

  3. Thanks for explaining nodes.

    Full moon in Taurus- my 9 year old is Taurus moon. Moving into Sag tomorrow- Sag is my own moon sign.