Sunday, 28 May 2017

Weekly Asterology Forecast - Mars in Cancer

This week the personal planets of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are very active, making for a dynamic week. The big headline is that Mars moves into the nurturing sign of Cancer and the Quarter Moon is this week in Virgo. See below for the weekly forecast and goddess asteroids.

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Quarter Moon in Virgo - On Thursday June 01, the Sun and Moon are square to each other, forming a quarter moon. Sun in Gemini makes us want to get out and be inquisitive, active, and cerebral, while Moon in Virgo puts us in the mood us to focus on the finer points and get down to work.  We can accomplish a lot, but there is an inner tension between the desire to go out and have fun and a desire to get down to work.

Mars in Cancer - Mars moves from active and irritable in Gemini, to the watery sign of Cancer on Sunday June 04. Mars the planet in charge of desire and competition, is comfortable in Gemini, and active air sign. In Cancer a water sign, it is not as comfortable. Mars in Cancer can make us moody, passive aggressive and withdrawn. Like the crab we retreat into our shell and confront challenges sideways, rather than head on. We may put energy into worrying, rather than doing something, and build things up in our mind bigger than they actually are. There may also be a tendency to be jealous or possessive in partnerships. On the bright side, if we can get a hold of our emotions we can accomplish a lot in the creative realm during this time. We will also feel very protective of those around us.

Weekly Forecast May 29 - June 04
Monday May 29 - The Moon moves into Leo at 7:12am CDT on Monday morning. The Leo moon makes us want to shine, and perform for others. Over Monday and Tuesday we will feel energized, creative, and are happy to toot our own horn. If you have to do some public speaking or performing on these days, its a great time for this. Mars is opposite Saturn on this day as well. This is not a good day to take shortcuts, or to resist the rules, as this will only backfire. We may want to challenge authority and the established order, but any challenge or rebellion will not be successful. We may meet resistance in others, especially if we are in a position of authority. Be careful as accidents are more likely today. Venus is conjunct Eris, the dwarf planet in charge of upsets and discord. Watch for misunderstandings in love relationships, or disruptions with creative projects. Its not a good day to change your hairstyle or get a beauty treatment, as it might not turn out the way you expected.
Tuesday May 30 - Mercury trine Juno on this day helps us to smooth over any disagreements or misunderstandings from Monday with romantic partners. While anger and impulsiveness may rule on Monday, on Tuesday we are more likely to sit down and talk about things on a practical level. Mars sextile Uranus may lead to a surprising piece of news that leads to an opportunity to take action. Look to where Aries and Gemini are in your chart to know where this opportunity is coming for you.
Wednesday May 31 - The Moon is void at 6:14am CDT, so just go with the flow for the morning, and don't make any big changes. The Moon then moves into Virgo at 1:16am CDT, making today, Thursday and Friday morning and afternoon, a good day to get some practical work done. We are focused on routine and practical matters during this time. Mercury trines Pluto on this day as well. We have an opportunity to get to the bottom of things communication wise, and may find out more than we bargained for. Expect a piece of news that brings a realization to something that has puzzled you for a while.
Thursday June 01 - The Moon forms a Quarter today at 7:42am CDT (see above for details). Venus trines Saturn. Any friendships or romantic relationships formed at this time will be based on mutual respect and have a solid foundation. Its a good day for agreements and social events or organizing them. Jupiter trines Ceres as well today so there are opportunities to nurture yourself or others. Its also a good day to start a new nutritional or exercise regimen.
Friday June 02 - The Moon goes void at 4:48pm and moves into Libra 7:04pm CDT. It will remain there for the rest of the weekend, making for people to be in an easygoing and conciliatory mood. Mars sextile Chiron provides opportunities to heal through exercise and competition.
Saturday June 03 - Sun trine Jupiter make for a great day for expanding your horizons through study or travel, or for making agreements. Its a good time to be generous to others and for lucky opportunities to come your way. Venus is conjunct Uranus making for unique romantic agreements, or for making friendships or partnerships that are different. You will be attracted to the odd and unusual today.Neptune is square Ceres, which can lead to fantasy or excess getting in the way of nurturing or taking care of our health. Avoid excess today.
Sunday June 04 - Sun square Neptune This is not a day to trust those in authority or take everything at face value, and it is cautioned to be careful around water. Its a better day for spiritual or artistic pursuits. Mars moves into Cancer making for a shift towards moodiness or becoming more emotional (see above).

Lilith moves into Taurus - Lilith the asteroid that rules rebellion, subcultures and feminism moves into Taurus on Monday May 29. Watch for more energy being put towards women's health care, a focus on sexuality and sensuality and more grass roots efforts for women's and minority rights.
Persephone square Eris, Pallas and Venus - Persephone the asteroid of new beginnings, has difficulty with disruptions, strategizing and romance. If you are making a new start this week, expect delays and disruptions. You may have not thought everything through especially when it comes to artistic projects or romance.
Hygiea squares Jupiter - Watch for over-exterting yourself when it comes to your health. You may also want to get a second opinion when it comes to health diagnosis, if it doesn't feel quite right.
Hekate sextile Eris, Pallas and Venus - This is a great time for magick that shakes things up,or for long term projects and artistic projects.

Below is the tarot horoscopes for the week.

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