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Weekly Goddess Astrology Forecast May 14 - 21, 2017 - Sun in Gemini

This week the sun moves into fun loving Gemini, and Mercury into relaxed but stubborn Taurus. The energy lightens up towards the end of the week, we feel more get up and go. See below for the week's headlines, daily forecasts and goddess asteroids.

Josephine Wall

Sun Moves Into Gemini
On Saturday afternoon at 3:31pm CDT the Sun moves into fun loving, quick witted and chatty Gemini. While in Taurus we may have felt slow and sluggish, while others just felt more relaxed, depending on how we focused the solar energy. Are we avoiding the work we need to do, or are we taking a much needed break? Have we been indulging ourselves in a healthy way, or falling back into unhealthy old habits? Either way, this coming weekend the energy shifts. If we have been avoiding things we may now feel the urge to get moving and start something. If we have been relaxing, we want to start to get active again. Gemini energy is very quick and flighty at times, so if you are working on a long term project it is best to break it down into short doable steps, and to reward yourself in between, as this is not an overly serious sign. We also tend to get more easily distracted, though this can lead to some interesting side adventures, so make time in your days over the next solar month for fun.

Mercury Moves Into Taurus
Mercury the planet of communication moves from aggressive and assertive Aries into Taurus on Monday May 15 at 11:07pm. While communication over the past few weeks may have been more blunt, this week people soften their tone. Aries is all about fire and self will, while Taurus tends towards being more easy going. While before people may have been looking for a fight, this week, people are more likely to be quiet and relaxed. They will stubbornly hold to their opinions, and it is best not to try to change anyones mind, as they won't be listening to you anyway.

Saturn Trine Uranus
This is a time where structures and organization are working in harmony with new and innovative thinking. Expect scientific and technological breakthroughs to be announced. These will come out of Universities, large companies and government organizations. In our lives we will find we that by going about our day to day routines we have a eureka moment in the middle, a sudden insight that inspires us to move forward.

Daily Forecast
Monday May 15, 2017
Monday the moon is in hard working and dependable Capricorn, It is a great day to get routine work done, and to focus on working steadily towards our goals. Mercury moves into Taurus, lending more earthy energy to the day. It's not a good day for rushing about, as we will fine we need to slow down and take care of ourselves. Mars forms a sextile with Pallas on Monday, lasting until Wednesday. We are best to put our energies at this time towards intellectual pursuits, and strategizing, before moving into a more active phase.
Tuesday May 16 and Wednesday May 17, 2017
The moon is void at 5:22am and moves into Aquarius at 12:50pm on Tuesday. Tuesday morning is a good time to take it easy and not good for important meetings or buying large items. In the afternoon, and on Wednesday, we are more likely to rebel, break the rules and do something different. We don't want to follow rules or be bound by restriction.
Thursday May 18 and Friday May 19, 2017
At 7:33pm CDT the moon goes void, and then moves into Pisces at 10:52pm. This makes for an easy going evening. We feel more dreamy, and imaginative at this time. The moon remains in dreamy Pisces throughout  Friday and most of Saturday. Its not a great couple of days for getting things done, but it is good for making art, and getting in touch with our imagination and intuitive side.
On Friday, the Sun has a sextile with Chiron. There are opportunities to do some healing and come to some important insights.
Venus has an opposition to Jupiter on Friday. This makes us over dramatic, and expect too much at times from our partners. We are inclined to over indulge and go over the top. We want to party and socialize today.
Saturday May 20, 2017
Today the sun moves into Gemini, and we find we are more likely to focus on communication, having fun and are feeling more active. The energy seems to lighten up today, and we feel more curious and cerebral.
Sunday May 21, 2017
The moon goes void at 10:39pm CDT on Saturday and moves into Aries at 5:10am on Sunday. This along with the sun now in Gemini, leads to a more active and energetic Sunday. Its a great day to start a short term project, play a sport, and to get outside and be active.

Pallas Athena the asteroid of the strategist and career woman has a square with Juno in Capricorn on Sunday May 21. Pallas in Aries is outgoing and assertive and this causes tension today with the duties and expectations in our partnerships. Even if this is just us imposing these expectations on ourselves.
Lilith the asteroid of feminism and subcultures makes a conjuction with Eris the goddess of discord and disagreements this week. Watch for tensions between counterculture and the mainstream and for possible troubling news in regards to womens rights and freedoms. There is also the potential for demonstrations and protest this week.
Iris the asteroid in charge of intuition, and messages from the gods makes a conjunction with Chiron this week. Watch for intuitive insights that lead to healing of an old wound. There is also a square with Saturn too, leading us to question some of the routines and structures. We will experience insights through dreams if we are open to them.
Iris also forms a sextile with the asteroid Fortuna, who is in charge of luck. this can lead to some lucky hunches and winnings.
Persephone the goddess of the underworld, and spring, has a square with Pallas this week. We long for time to go within rather than work. We may resist looking logically at things and avoid confrontations.
Psyche, who rules psychoanalysis has a sextile to Vesta this week. This is a great time for doing shadow work or undergoing counseling in regards to past sexual or spiritual issues.
Hygeia, who rules health care, is in retrograde, forcing us to deal with old and unresolved health issues.  She has a sextile to Neptune, showing there are opportunities for us to heal witn water. Whether its going to a spa, spending time at a beach, or even drinking more water. Healing may also come to us through dreams. There is a square to Jupiter, warning us not to over exert ourselves or push ourselves too hard this week.
The goddess of witchcraft is active this week. She forms a sextile with Pallas, giving us opportunities to plan and strategize magical workings. She also forms a conjunction with Mars, so it is great time for magical working that help us to express and let go of anger or frustration. 


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