Sunday, 4 June 2017

Weekly Astrology Forecast - Full Moon in Sagittarius

This week's headlines include a full moon in Sagittarius on Friday June 09, and Mercury and Venus change into their home signs on Tuesday June 06.

Full Moon in Sagittarius - A full moon occurs when the sun and moon are opposite each other. Full moons, no matter the sign, are a point where we must resolve and confront an opposition between our ego and will and our emotions and subconscious needs. This is why they can be so volatile. This full moon we have an emotional need to break free, have fun and want to laugh and enjoy ourselves. With sun in Gemini our conscious will makes us want to stay busy, and to rush about from thing to thing, from engagement to engagement and stay busy. The Sagittarius moon resents any kind of structure or restriction and also asks us to look at the bigger picture rather than getting caught up in minutia. This full moon asks us to integrate some fun and freedom in our life while still getting some of the things we need to get done in our day to day life. If you are feeling rebellious and wanting to break free, it may be coming from a subconscious place. Ask yourself what does this remind me of? Does it remind me of anything I've experienced in the past?

Mercury in Gemini - Mercury moves from slow and cautious Taurus, to its natural sign of Gemini on Tuesday June 06 at 5:15pm CDT. Gemini is rules by Mercury, so is very happy and at home in this sign. Communication picks up starting today and for the next month. Expect an increase in social events, short term travel and talk in general. Expect an increase in media activity and political campaigns. Mercury in Gemini can create excitement, but also cause events to get blown out of proportion and cause overreactions.

Venus in Taurus - Venus moves into one of the signs it rules as well, on Tuesday June 06 at 2:27am CDT. This is a great time to start a romantic relationship, or to revamp your romantic life. Venus in Taurus makes us want to enjoy the good life - food, art, sex and all things beautiful and pleasurable. Take time during the next month to enjoy yourself, but beware of over indulging. Its a great time to get beauty treatments, shop for clothes, redecorate or take an art class. It's also a good time for businesses that are invloved in the arts or planning social events like weddings.

Weekly Forecast
Monday June 05 - Monday the moon moves into the intense sign of Scorpio at 6:48am CDT and remains there until early Wednesday. We may feel strong emotions and very passionate. there is no middle ground, we either love or hate, we are not indifferent to anything. Secrets can be revealed and its a good day for psychological work.  Sun squares Neptune today, meaning that we may not make the best decisions today. We make think we are being rational, but there is an element of deception, something we are not seeing clearly. It is best to postpone any major decisions today.
Tuesday June 06 - The moon remains in Scorpio, but goes void on 7:35pm CDT, making for a less intense evening. Use this time to relax and have some down time. Sun is conjunct Ceres, its a good time to change up your diet or to garden or look at your self care routine. Mercury sextiles Chiron, provides opportunities for us to have healing conversations about old wounds. Mercury moves into Gemini and Venus moves into Taurus today (see above).
Wednesday June 07 - The Moon is void most of the day making for a relaxing and quiet day. The moon moves into fun loving Sagittarius at 5:59pm CDT. This evening take time to do something adventurous and break free of routines.
Thursday June 08 - The Moon remains in philosophic Sagittarius, all day and Saturn trines Pallas. There are opportunities for us to step back and strategize about our routines and whatever work Saturn is asking us to do at this time. Look at where 24 - 25 degrees Saturn is showing up in your chart to see where this is occurring.
Friday June 09 - The Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs today at 18 degrees, the Sabian Symbol for which is "Tiny Children in Sunbonnets". Its an optimistic aspect, one that lends to nostalgia and childhood memories. Venus is sextile Mars starting today and through until Sunday June 11. We easily express our feelings to others, especially the opposite sex. Its a good weekend for romance and sex, and communicating our expectations. Jupiter goes Direct today. We begin to feel less restricted and are able to move forward with plans and goals, especially with those that involve working as part of a partnership and team.
Saturday June 10 and Sunday June 11 - The moon goes void at 1:20am CDT and moves into Capricorn on Saturday at 7:36am CDT. This makes for a productive wekend, where we get down to work and attend to practical matters. Its a good weekend to clean out the garage, get some yard work done, or to take care of any paperwork we may have put off.

The Asteroids
Eris conjunct Pallas - Disruptions may cause us to have to reorganize and rethink things, especially at work or in business. Look to where 23 degrees Aries is in your chart to know where the disruption will occur.
Lilith sextile Mars - There are opportunities this week for women to assert themselves and to work together with male allies to get things done. Lilith is conjunct Venus as well this week, meaning that we are pressing for more freedom with artistic expression and are asserting our sexual desires.
Fortuna sextile Iris - Luck comes this week through listening to our intuition. It is most likely to hit us as a sudden impulse to take action, follow to see where this leads, as fortune smiles on risks this week.
Persephone square Pallas - Any new venture or relationship we are venturing on this week will require more thought. We must take time to look over our plans again, as there are some aspects that have not been fully thought through.
Hekate sextile Pallas - There are opportunities for us to plan out future magical spell work especially for success in business and career. However Hekate is opposite Saturn making for challenges in actually executing ou desires. Its not enough to plan or to work magic, Saturn reminds us we must take action as well.

Below is the weekly Tarotscope for the week.

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