Sunday, 4 June 2017

Weekly Update - Getting back in the Creative Groove

After a week long staycation, this week I returned to the regular routine. As nice as a break was, it was good to get back to things again including making videos and blog posts. 

I started the week with a review of two books I finished reading during my week off. One is a practical guide for artists aptly titled "How to be an Artist". It's a great down to earth book about things like managing your time and money, especially if your someone like me who had to also manage it alongside having a day job and a family etc. It's motivational too, and basically says if you have a calling you need to answer it. The second book 1 read is "The War of Art". It's a quick read and a great motivational kick in the bum. It talks about overcoming resistance and listening to the Muse. I recommend it for any creative type person. 

I also posted a video for the YouTube Pagan Challenge 2017. Weeks 20 and 21 are asking about thoughts on marriage and hand fasting. Personally I don't put much stock in it. I'm not against it and think if that's what people want to do that's great. I feel that it's not necessary as if someone's committed to you they'll be that way wether their married or not, and if they aren't committed, being married won't change them. Its one of those things that's up to individuals. I know people who feel that's it's very important and wouldn't dream of anything otherwise. 

I also posted the decks I'll be using in my Instagram and Facebook daily draws. I picked Tarot of a Moon Garden and The Mystical Wisdom Oracle. Josephine Wall's art is spectacular and makes me think of the magic and beauty of summer. Tarot of a Moon Garden is a nostalgic fave for me, as it is a deck I had back in the 90s. It makes me think of the magic of fairies and summer nights. 

Finally this week I posted my May favourites, including some of my art supplies and the books I'm reading and decks I've been working with. I've really been getting back into sketching again and playing guitar. It's been great exercising the creative muscles again. :)

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